• Register for the upcoming Sunday's Darshan here. Fill in your name and address so David knows where to send the Light. Children and Animals are FREE. You can also purchase a Darshan Essence that will prolong and deepen your experience of opening the heart. See below for details.
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    Register for the upcoming Sunday's Darshan here. Fill in your name and address so David knows where to send the Light. Children and Animals are FREE. Special Offer - Reserve 4 Darshans and receive 1 Free (5)   £40 - Reserve 8 Darshans and receive 2 Free (10)  £80 - Reserve 12 Darshans and receive 3 Free (15) £120 Benefits of the multi-week option: - You don't need to fill out the form each week. - You don't miss Darshan if you are late or hurried. - You show the Universe your dedication to receiving Light into your Heart. *Please note your series of Darshans begins this coming Sunday.  
  • You can receive a Personal Connection to the Light through David’s heart. This can illuminate your life in many ways. Find out more

    The Darshan Blessing is like an injection of Light into your Heart. It goes deep and heals or opens things that need to change, so that you can see them. If you take the drops of Darshan Essence each day, the essence continues to open the heart, allowing the Darshan Light to penetrate more deeply, helping you to open to the deeper truth of who you really are. Helping the healing process of many past-life events and opening opportunities for you to grow and prosper in this life time. Essence of DARSHAN Dave has created more than 100 High Vibrational Essences since 1999. All of these have had a profound effect in bringing him to this place of open heartedness. Each essence was guided through his heart and are called The Keys of Transformation.
  • The Emerald Heart Light is the light that opened David's heart for the Golden Light of source to pour forth into the world. With this essence you are walking the same path that opened David and it will serve you just the same. ( See copy below )  
  • David Ashworth was and is an ordinary guy, but after a powerful spiritual awakening in the early 90s he developed amazing abilities to see into the consciousness at the heart of many things.

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  • The Keys of Transformation records an extraordinary personal journey of transformation and at the same time provides a template for all our transformations.

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  • Originally published in 2000, this has become a great standard work amongst Reiki Masters and other healing teachers for their students. 
  • Given to David in a flash of insight, this book empowers children to understand and move beyond emotional pain, whilst teaching adults how they inadvertently and often unknowingly cause emotional suffering to children. 
  • The human Subtle Energy System, consisting of the Aura and the Chakras, Emotions and Consciousness is like a deep ocean and in order to begin to stimulate the Evolution of Human Consciousness we need to learn how to understand, navigate and penetrate this ocean.


    As with much of David’s work, the content of VISION was given from The Source through an amazing insight. 

    It is a fantastic journey which explains God’s Vision for Humanity. It is not so much a book, more a transmitter of Spiritual Light. Everyone who reads it has a different and very personal experience.

  • A POWERFUL NEW TOOL FOR SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT! David Ashworth has released a new Guided Meditation CD accompanied by the music of classical musician James Rippingale. The focus of this meditation, called The Shaman's Journey helps the listener to ground deeply into the earth. Grounding is the most essential element for the spiritual seeker to develop. As the music unfolds David’s voice takes you on a wonderful journey into the Earth. Each time you listen and journey with The Shaman, your grounding will deepen. The journey is guided from the Nature Spirit consciousness through the speaker - The Shaman - which is David's voice accompanied by the wonderful, sylph-like veils of James' music. The Digital version is available on iTunes - Click here - £7.99