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Receiving an Individual DARSHAN with David – LIVE

At a Live Event, David prepares for about an hour before offering the blessing of DARSHAN.

As David is preparing himself, his Light will already be filling the room where DARSHAN will be given. Most people feel either the power or heat of this build-up of Light. The Light will be opening your heart and preparing you to receive.

David’s Assistants will give an introductory talk about what to expect and how to come forward for the sacred offering of DARSHAN. They will bring you into a meditative space, with your eyes closed, in order to receive. When they consider that everyone is ready and the energy in the room is correct, they will bring David into the room.

You will sit with your eyes closed at all times, except when coming up for DARSHAN.

The Assistants have been with David for many years. They will bring you forward so you can be relaxed.

You will either kneel or sit before David.

Hold out your hands and David will take them.

Look into his eyes.

Whilst you are looking into David’s eyes, his eyes may close and then open again. Keep looking into his eyes even though they may be closed as the transmission will continue.

When DARSHAN has been passed, David will let go of your hands and drop his head. You may then return to your seat.

When seated, remain with your eyes closed to allow the DARSHAN to go deeper.

When everyone has received DARSHAN David will sit with you all until he is guided to leave the room again. This may be for around ten minutes, sometimes longer.

The DARSHAN will unfold over several days.

David will not speak during the process. Although David is a very social person, at this time he is not able to join you, either before or after DARSHAN because of the effect it has on his physical being. Also, even though he may know you well, he rarely sees or recognises anyone during DARSHAN. Although he is present and aware on one level it is as if he is completely empty on another level, being the empty vessel through which the blessing of DARSHAN can be passed in purity to each of you.