7 08, 2017

Feedback from a Distant Darshan


Some recent feedback from a Distant Darshan.

“Dear David,

Just wanted to let you know how my first Distant Darshan was and thank you for my Darshan and after Darshan experience.

I followed your instructions and was lying 15 minutes before the Darshan with my eyes closed. I was kind of calm and relaxed but all of a sudden I felt tears streaming down my cheeks…couldn’t control them…

At the time Distant Darshan started I was back to my relaxed state but the tears’ effect was on and off. I saw clouds of different colours – started with a dark red, then changing into dark grey, light grey and blue. Then clouds changed into soft white, can’t forget it. I felt a bit of pressure on my head and a tingling sensation in my legs. At one point – I opened my eyes and instinctively looked at the time – I was 45 minutes into the Darshan but it didn’t seem that long, so I was kind of lost in time, too.

I would say the after experience is absolutely fantastic!! I felt extremely relaxed and calm on the following day and I have a very stressful job. I was happy and smiling from within. Had a lot to do but didn’t feel the stress, I was doing one thing after another, amazing!!

I had also asked for a Darshan for my 2 grandchildren.

My younger grandchild was so much calmer and happier (going through a lot of tantrums at the moment and crying for no reason at all) and I also had the chance to talk to my other grandchild, who is not much of a talker and.. well, let’s say – just a stroppy teenager, I suppose. I thought I was talking to a different person, much calmer and actually wishing to talk and listen! So amazing!!

So, thank you, thank you, thank you, David!!!

I feel so blessed!! I will be doing more Distant Darshan with you!!

With lots of love,

SM, Exeter, UK”

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31 07, 2017

Questions and Answers


Every now and then someone will ask a very valid question, the answer to which might help many, so I have often written a teaching on the subject. One such question that comes up often is this:

Q:  Why do you use the term Guru, David?

Answer:  To show you how you limit your own growth.
Answer:  To show you what you could attain in a single life-time

There are a number of answers to this question, so here we go.

1.  When my heart finally opened fully to the enlightened Divine state, it TOLD me that I must use the term guru.

I didn’t want to use it for lots of reasons. Who do I think I am? It sounds pompous and ridiculous. People will judge me – Who does he think he is? People will possibly even laugh and ridicule me. Well people will think and do what people think and do and I have no control over that, and it matters not what they think. They don’t know me or what I have been through to arrive here. I have no choice in the matter, I was told that I had to use the word guru.

I knew what would happen if I didn’t follow this guidance from my heart too. The Universe would seriously limit my further development.

Constantly, people tell me that they have difficulty with me using this word Guru, even close friends and people I’ve worked with for many, many years. It’s only a four letter word. Lol.

In addition to the above, here are some of the reasons that I use it.

2.   It is to show YOU that I’m not afraid of a word.

Have you ever really appreciated the power that one word can hold over you?

Maybe you are really called to the Light, but can’t step in because of the power of a single word, that the teacher uses.  Perhaps you don’t like it, it touches you in some way or does something to you. It certainly does, it shows you your limitations.

So, by using the word Guru, my heart was showing me the power of that word and how it filled people with fear and held them back.

People fall under the power of judgement without ever seeking to find the truth for themselves.

They listen to hearsay, rather than opening the door to see what it offered. This is what Jesus means when he talks about sheep. Most people are of the flock, they only know what the flock tells them. They fear stepping out of the flock and truly becoming an individual, armed with their own truth gained through their own experiences.

If you dare to step out of the flock, then the flock fill you with the fear of what might happen to you.

Electricity is a case in point. When your parents tell you that electricity is dangerous the only way you really learn this is when you finally get a shock from it. I can remember every time I had an electric shock throughout my life, as it was shocking. Lol. It was a fantastic learning experience and I didn’t need to dabble with it, ever.

3.  Back in the days when I was first learning how to open people’s hearts by using the power of light to illuminate them I would offer them two things.

Firstly, the truth of what was holding them back, which I could see clearly as I looked into their consciousness, and which they could usually identify with.

Secondly, a method by which we could dissolve the energy of this limitation.

It is a very simple process that is arrived at by two simple questions.

What is the problem?
How do we fix it?

People would sometimes sit there wanting me to literally convince them of the truth that they could actually feel, or even ‘sell’ them the idea of stepping into a simple process that would free them from the pain of this limitation.

My heart taught me a powerful lesson on this point.

“Dave,” it would say, “it is not up to you to convince them, it is up to them feel the truth in their heart of what you are offering them.”

“Do not waste a single atom of energy or a second of your time on those who are not ready to see truth.”

Now you might think that this is a very strong or rigid point, or even a very harsh way of working with people, but it is only based on the Universal Laws of Evolution and if you do not obey these laws you will certainly face difficulty very quickly. You cannot help those who refuse to be helped.

As you might guess, the ones who could hear their heart and feel the truth jumped in and transformed and those who are still trying to figure it out 20 years later, are still going round in circles.

4.  The word Guru paralyses YOU.

It shows you how you hold back your evolution.

It shows you how deeply you are programmed with fear.

It shows you how you have probably never taken the time to find out what the word means.

Essentially, the word guru challenges you with your own limitation and shows you how you judge rather than explore the possibility of how that word can free you to become who you really are.

All the word guru means is Dispeller of Darkness

Essentially, I brought a light into the world that dispels darkness.

It dispelled my own darkness, cleansed my heart and opened it.

It can do the same for you.

What is complicated about that?

5.  When my heart was opening and blossoming into this highly developed state of my own evolution, I read a book by Mother Meera called Answers. When I reached the point where she was explaining the level of attainment that describes a traditional eastern guru, I immediately put the book down. I had found what I was looking for, even though I didn’t realise I was looking for it.

It explained perfectly, the path I had walked and what I had accomplished in a single life-time.

To conclude this question around the word Guru,  I would like you to ponder this?

How do you expect to become fully enlightened if you can’t embrace who you are becoming at each stage of your development?

Teacher, Writer, Shop Keeper, Driver, Healer, Therapist, Bringer of Light, Spiritual Teacher, etc.

If you do not have the courage to tell the world who you are and fully embrace your heart and soul, then you are in perpetual self-denial and perpetual inner pain.

If people have an issue with who you have become, then that is their issue and not yours. It is they who need to seek help to overcome that issue or limitation to their growth.

When Divine Consciousness blesses you with spiritual attainment, if you do not embrace it and trust it with all of your heart, it is like throwing it back in the face of God.

I fully embrace my enlightened heart as a dispeller of darkness – a guru.

With my deepest Love and Blessings,


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17 07, 2017

How to become a Light Bringer


A friend posted a question about How to become a Bringer of Light and I have offered a little teaching on it, based on my own experiences.

The process of Bringing Light into the world is, like all things of a universal consciousness nature, both easy and difficult. Lol.

When you can do it, it’s easy… Lol, but getting there for most people is a journey and quite often, those who are going to be really gifted at becoming a Light Bringer will often have a very difficult life to begin with. Maybe we will talk about that at some point, but the reason I mention it here is that those people who have a really tough time in life often think they are not going to make it. They often have a terrible record of getting things wrong or making mistakes and getting absolutely nowhere in life.

Take heart; I was that person.

To become a Light bringer is a process for most, although some have an almighty awakening and the process just begins. These are The Chosen Ones. Those chosen by the universe to train how to Bring Light to the whole world.

However, that is an uphill struggle too for most as there are so many lessons to learn along the way, but the most important thing to remember is to NEVER GIVE UP.

I was once sat by myself on a sunny bench in a caravan. I was on my own taking a few days out. It had been a tough time. I was battered and bruised by life, the universe and everything. And as I sat there wondering which way to go, what to do next, how to change my life to what I needed to be next, Guidance spoke up.

It said, “David, working for the universe is just like being a soldier. No matter how bad it gets, you get up each morning, put on your boots and go back out to fight.”

So that is how you become a Light Bringer. You never give up and each day you put on your boots and go back out to fight.

So, who or what are you fighting?

For the most part you are fighting yourself.

As we come into this life, we receive the patterning and programming of all those around us. We become the next clones that will form the next generation, unless one very important thing happens.

Unless, your Heart begins to open and secondly, you begin to listen to it, hear what it is saying and act upon it.

It takes time. It’s not a quick fix. You are learning to think for yourself and step out of the person that you have become to become something else, or something new.

Every time something really bad happens, that is usually the Universe letting you know that A: You are in the wrong place, B: with the wrong people or C: Doing the wrong thing.

So, every time you face some difficulty. Don’t complain but do this…


Then step aside, sit down and begin to ask for guidance as to what you are supposed to be learning from this difficulty.

Each time you are in a difficulty, that is when you are closest to the Universe because it is applying pressure to your life to wake you up and try to guide you in the right direction.

Each time you are in difficulty, it usually costs you and that is how God gets your attention.

But of course; ‘We know what we are doing, don’t we?’ Because we are smart intelligent people.

Like hell we are. Until we can hear the heart and run with it in everything it shows us, we may as well not be here because we are going nowhere fast and probably repeating the same errors of judgement.

If you want to be a Bringer of Light, get as close to light as you can. Get with the Light Bringers. Drink, Eat and Sleep Light. Never Give Up. Just keep going.

Look for the books that call to you. Align yourself with those whom you feel an affinity with. They will be the ones that carry something that will nurture you.

Align yourself with those who challenge you. They will be bringing lessons for you to see about yourself.

And, a little at a time, you will hear the heart. You will feel the love within and you





So, learn from the experiences, especially the difficult ones.

Taking a DISTANT DARSHAN is getting about as close to light as you can do.

I hope this helps you.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.


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16 06, 2017

Letters to my Mother



Angels by Your Bed


Dear Mum,
When I arrived at your bedside in the hospital, you looked gravely ill and weak. There were four angels around your bed. One at each corner. They were so clear, like four pillars of incredible light.

The pain in my heart was very deep and I knew things were serious, but I couldn’t tell if the angels were here to take you away or if they were just watching over you. They stood silently looking down.

The doctors had removed your leg hours before and it looked like you were not strong enough to take it, but soon enough, you were awake again and coming round as the days unfolded.

The image of the angels was so powerful. They stood like sentinels, one at each corner of your bed. I still see it so clearly. Certainly, it was not your time to go and whatever they did to assist, I am grateful.

The day before, I had tried to offer healing to your leg, but it was powerfully pushed away. I can still feel the electricity which almost took my fingers off. It was time for the leg to leave you, but sometimes we can’t tell why things are the way they are. It is just a part of the journey through life. A little at a time, it seems parts of our physical selves leave as we wander towards the gate of inevitability and continuity in another form.

I have seen many things of a spiritual nature since my awakening many years ago, but the image of the angels around you is still profound. Who sent them? What do they mean? Who are you to command such a presence? Clearly, somebody somewhere thinks you are important and that your journey must continue, when clearly, it looked like it might have been over for this lifetime.

When the vision of the angels touched my heart, it was profound. Their Light burst my heart open. They were statuesque, unmoving, almost unseeing, as if somebody had sent them as guardians, not to move or be moved by anyone or anything. Behind them lay a great power and as I have contemplated it over the years, clearly you are very important to somebody upstairs and your work is not yet done.

On the evening of the 12th of the 12th, 2016, I was watching the University Challenge quiz show. A question came up that gave me a sudden insight.

The question was this: What metallic element was first isolated from the gemstone Emerald?

I knew the answer immediately and none of the team got it. The answer was Beryllium.

I remember as a boy I had a lovely Reader’s Digest atlas of the world. Near the back of the book there was a page on gems and minerals and there was a stunning green stone called Beryl, which was always my favourite stone. Beryl is related to emerald.

So, the insight that came to me at that quiz-time moment was that my Mother, Beryl, gave birth to a son who would perfect her Beryllium Light into its purest form, which is Emerald.

The Emerald Heart Light was the great gift that the Universe poured into my heart in 2005 to accelerate the evolution of human consciousness. The Light that would bring the Light of Jesus into the world through my heart, my words and my teachings.

So you are Beryl, daughter of Mary, bringer of David and the Light that opens hearts to the Light of the world.

Thank you Mum.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.


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12 06, 2017

David Ashworth – Extract from ‘The Keys of Transformation’


This week we thought we would bring you these powerful words, a short extract from the amazing book ‘The Keys of Transformation book one – Birth of a New Light’, written by David Ashworth and published in 2009.

“The basic message of the book is deceptively simple. The time to change is NOW. The Age of Aquarian Light is here, pulling more and more people into its flow of healing and evolution and beginning a world-wide process of awakening and illumination for all those able to open to it. ”



“It is now your time to awaken.

It is now your time to evolve.

You are expected to learn detachment.

You are expected to continually transform into higher states of perfection.

Becoming detached allows your transformation.

If you hold on to things, you won’t transform.

Learn to let go and become free.

You are here to raise your vibrations.

You are here to carry increasing amounts of light.

As your light increases you will continually transform.

As you continually transform your hidden gifts and talents will emerge.

You have been given your Gifts and Talents to help you through life.

You are expected to earn your living through your God-given Gifts and Talents.

You are here to uplift and empower others.

You are here to help others discover themselves.

You are here to become a teacher and a leader.

You are here to lead humanity into higher consciousness.

You are here to play your part in the great Ascension into Light.

You have been called to assist all seekers to find the God within themselves.

But first, you have to seek the God within your own self.

You are here to learn how to go beyond captivity.

You are here to learn how to become free of mind.

You are here to allow the Light to emerge within you.

The Light is within the deepest part of your heart.

The Light is the God-Consciousness.

The Light is the Light of Creation.

You are here to learn how to create with Light.

You are here to learn how to create with God.

Allow the Light of God within you to begin to create Your Life.

Take responsibility for your life.

Take responsibility for your journey.

Learn how to become God.

And then move a mountain – just because you can.”



David Ashworth

The Keys of Transformation- Book One – Birth of a New Light

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12 06, 2017

The Cow Whisperer!


A Short Doggy Story and film clip

Thank you to Nicky who shared her words and video below, of Zeus the dog. Click the link to the video on my YouTube channel below the text to see The Cow Whisperer!.

Hi Dave 

Thought you might like to see this video of Zeus.

He’s had a Distant Darshan twice, the last one was Sunday just gone and he has turned into The Cow Whisperer!

Since Sunday, when he goes out all the cows follow him. He has calmed down a bit from the Darshan too and is more loving but it was the cow following that’s been more interesting. They seem to be picking up the light! 




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7 04, 2017

NEWS – This week Monday 3rd April



NEWS  this week

Monday 3rd April

SUNDAY DARSHAN DRAW – 27th March 2017

WINNER of the Shaman’s Journey CD

Last week, the winner of the Meditation CD was Ann from Yorkshire.  Here is some recent feedback about the CD below the image.

“I feel compelled to let you know how much I am enjoying your new CD. It is a great piece of work. The first time I heard it, I was having a massage. I loved it at that first hearing, although I admit to being so relaxed I nodded off. My subconscious was taking it in though I am sure.

I have just listened to it again and it is even more beautiful the second time. I love the guided meditation by David and the music is so soothing and restorative. The rhythmic 3 beat soft drum is hypnotic. I was able to easily connect with Mother Earth and felt a great sense of healing Chi and warmth spreading through my whole body. I then felt totally weightless and I had an amazing sense of safety. Wow. This is truly a seminal piece of work. I have already given a copy to
my sister-in-law who will love it too.”

Sylvia, Derbyshire

SUNDAY DARSHAN DRAW – 2nd April 2017

WINNER of The Emerald Heart Pendant

This week’s winner of the Emerald Heart Pendant was Chloe from Melbourne, Australia.  Nice to see the light within this pendant going all the way around the world.

SPECIAL OFFER –  Saving over £35.00

Just a note to let you know that the Special Offer to purchase one of these pendants is still upon until Monday 10th April 2017

Emerald Heart Pendant

£58.95 including Postage
(Normal Retail Price is £95.00. – Offer valid until Saturday 8th April!)

Click to buy the Emerald Pendant now

The Pendants are charged with Emerald Heart Light and you can put them out for recharging at the Free Light Transmission on the Equinoxes and Solstices.

Upcoming DARSHAN in London and Exeter

We are now in the process of organising some Live Darshan Events. Please keep your eye on the Events page of the website for updates.

EXETER – Organised by Jack Childs will be Saturday May 20th.

LONDON – Organised by Tim Dyson – Not yet confirmed.

Just a note to those who may be able to help. We always struggle to find venues in the London area. If anyone knows where we can hold a Darshan in the London area, would you please let either myself of Tim know. Thank you.


Finally for today, here is some recent feedback from the Sunday Evening Distant Darshan.

“Hi David,

Thank you so much for the Darshan last night, it was a very relaxing experience and I felt as though I was floating on air.  Today I feel so full of light and at peace and am walking around with a big smile on my face!

Love and Light

Elva “


“Hi David,

This was my experience of Sunday’s Darshan. (26th Feb.)

The energy was very strong coupled by nurturing energy. Felt the energy of Source blending

with Mother Earth and felt supported by this. As I looked into your eyes I saw many faces come 

through you. Ancient faces and guides coming through from different directions of time and space. I also felt this was related to myself. Different parts of my character that I was to observe, look at then release, allowing change to take place. Also, I saw later, how the Law of reflection plays out. Through looking at others as a mirror. We see ourselves. This has played out during the week and has certainly been a revelation. Many positive aspects have come up that have pushed me forward. Other less than positive aspects have had a positive side too. 

When looked at closely. You can see where all these threads come together and hold you in the flow. Or keep you locked in.

I found it both challenging and refreshing. Bit like a breath of Spring. Beautiful. Thank you so much.

Love & Blessings,



DISTANT DARSHAN every Sunday Evening.

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17 03, 2017

THE SHAMAN’S JOURNEY – A Guided Meditation for Grounding


A Guided Meditation for Grounding

4 Years in the Making!

Cost: £10.95 including postage
(One week only as I have another offer coming up for you!)

Click to buy the Physical CD now
Digital Version

Renowned Spiritual Teacher David Ashworth has released a new Guided Meditation CD accompanied by the music of classical musician James Rippingale.


The focus of this meditation, called The Shaman’s Journey, helps the listener to ground deeply into the earth. Grounding is the most essential element for the spiritual seeker to develop. As the music unfolds David’s voice takes you on a wonderful journey into the Earth. Each time you listen and journey with The Shaman, your grounding will deepen. The journey is guided from the Nature Spirit consciousness through the speaker – The Shaman – which is David’s voice accompanied by the wonderful, sylph-like veils of James’ music.


The CD and digital download is available from:

David’s website at:  www.davidashworth.guru

James website at: www.jamesrippingale.co.uk


About David Ashworth

David Ashworth is a highly accomplished spiritual teacher and author based in the United Kingdom but working world-wide. He is the origin of The Emerald Heart Light and today his work is focused on opening people’s hearts through Darshan.


Darshan is a direct transmission of light from the source via David’s purified heart into the heart of the seeker. As well as traveling throughout Europe giving Darshan, David also offers a wonderful Distant Darshan each Sunday evening.


NEWS: Since his original awakening some 25 years ago, David has passed through many inner transformations bringing him to the point of receiving The Emerald Heart Light in 2005. For ten years the light opened and purified his heart to the point of now (2016) being able to give Darshan – a Divine Blessing – usually associated with the eastern Gurus and transmitted from heart to heart. You can read more in David’s website at:  www.davidashworth.guru

About James Rippingale

James Rippingale is a Classical Guitarist and composer based in Glastonbury,Somerset. He enjoys a busy schedule teaching and performing across the UK and abroad. James’ concerts are known for their eclectic programming, variety of styles and his own unique compositions. He is a keen backpacker often traveling to Andalucia, Spain to explore the southern provinces in search of inspiration and guidance from the world’s finest players.


Jameshas had an interest in Spirituality since his early teens leading him to explore a multitude of  healing modalities and philosophies including the work of David Ashworth and the Emerald Heart where he has used David’s Essences for his own personal evolution and growth. These meditation projects have provided him with a wonderful opportunity to combine his twin passions of music and spiritual exploration on a new path of growth and creativity.   


About The Project

James and David first met at the Buxton Healing Festival in 2012.

James says: “I had been using David’s high vibrational essences for some time and had read his book The Keys of Transformation. I felt very drawn to this powerful light and was inspired by Dave’s words. I attended his workshop on the subject of Grounding and when we met afterwards I felt inspired to record him.”


James and David came together in James’ studio in July 2012. Once James had set the recording protocols, a wonderful day unfolded where 2 meditations and many teachings were guided into being. James says “The energy in the room was quite unlike anything I had experienced before as I sat watching Dave channel the meditations spontaneously into the microphone. It felt guided and powerful. Several weeks later I was improvising at the keyboard and the music of the meditation came to me all in one go. All the raw material in one evening!

The Healing Power of the Light
The funny thing is it has taken 4 years to shape and complete it! As I work I feel the light carried in the sound changing me, healing me in some way, the whole process has been quite amazing.” With the addition of the embedded sound carriers applied by Producer, Simon Fox I feel we have created a powerful product and truly wonderful experience for the listener.”


About The Producer:  Simon Fox

The recording is a collaboration between David, James and producer and sound healing technology developer, Simon Fox.


Simon became involved at the final stages of mixing and mastering the CD. His process allows the direct transmission of light to the listener, via channeled embedded sound carriers, which on playback resonate in the space, supporting the meditation as it unfolds. With this, THE SHAMAN’S JOURNEY becomes a truly powerful tool with which to connect deeply with the core of David’s message.

Register for Sunday Night

DARSHAN is a Divine Blessing given from the Source.
It is transmitted through the purified heart of an enlightened person, such as a  guru.
(Guru is a Sanskrit word meaning wise teacher, one who dispels darkness.)

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Mailing List: www.davidashworth.guru

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30 11, 2016

Return to Your Divine Self


Return to Your Divine Self

There is a lot of noise on the planet at the moment.

In our world there is a lot of change. People are changing their mindsets and other people are going into fear and darkness because of the fear that this change generates within the collective consciousness as a whole. This energetic disturbance creates a kind of ‘white noise’ around the planet and those who are not very strong in their energy systems will become the victims of this noise, drinking it in like a sponge

We are in this fantastic time of change. We have been talking about the age of Aquarius and the opening of various energies and portals, including the 2012 gateway for many, many years. We have seen the battle between the two extremes of light and dark played out in many areas of our world as the unfolding energies of a new age bathe us all.


The universe has a handle on things. Universal consciousness is bringing change because change is needed in so many ways and when change comes there is always a backlash from the consciousness that fears change. Change must be embraced with open arms and the excitement of what is coming next; the unknown next.

Living on the edge is the place where all true spiritual beings live. They are in this world experiencing the great process of change on a daily basis. The Universe often pulls the rug from under their feet to teach them how to respond to a changing wave of energy and learn how to ride that new wave, as a surfer balances on his or her board with the waves crashing around them. They learn balance, and we are now all surfers having this amazing opportunity to ride a great wave of changing times.

If you fear drama and dread, that is exactly what you will create for yourself, but if you have no fear at all, then all manner of great things can fall at your feet.

People are speaking of dark times. There are no dark times, only the darkness of our own fears. Let those fears go and you will rise into the light of expectancy and feeling the great inner joy and excitement of new options and opportunities being played out by the Universe.

Now, if God suddenly appeared and told you that he was the one who is casting the votes through people’s hearts because he has a great plan to change things for the better, then you might listen and not be too judgmental on the processes that are unfolding in our midst at present. But because God has not beamed down and said such a thing, then you really have no idea what is happening unless you are fully connected with yourself and the universe, but separate and protected from the fallout of a collective consciousness that is overloaded with uncertainty and fear.

Return to Your Divine Self

If some teenage hacker accessed the control systems of a country’s nuclear weapons and let one off just to see if they could. Now, that might be seen as a disaster that could trigger a world war because nobody would believe that it was a teenager who had done it, but each nation would blame another. If the death toll was a billion souls, or even three billion souls, most of humanity would consider it to be a great humanitarian disaster. But the universe might be thinking that it needed to save the earth from the out of control virus called humanity that is not addressing the problems of over-population, for example.

If you could look down on the earth and see what is happening from a great distance away, you would see that the whole plan, if there ever was one, is out of the control and nobody is taking any responsibility to even mention the key issues of how to live successfully upon a finite and limited space, like earth, let alone do something about them. So, how do you fix something that is broken?

In the case of consciousness, you clean it up and then the problem fixes itself in the process. You step away from the game of being sheep. You stop watching the news and reading the papers until you can do it impartially, just to inform yourself, but without getting caught up in the emotions of the collective consciousness. There are many agencies that would feed fear to you because it gives them the power to control you, but if you step out of that game altogether and return to your Divine Self, then nothing can touch you and you feel totally safe all of the time. In fact, feeling safe isn’t even in your thoughts, it doesn’t enter you consciousness as it is not an option to be unsafe because you walk in a different world where safety and danger are not even issues. There is just inner peace and tranquility. Yet, it is easy to get caught up again and be angry and it is then hard work to get back into peace and tranquility but the more you practice it, the easier it becomes until it becomes your nature.

When you return to your Divine Self, to inner peace, trust in the universe and love in your heart, sure you can still get run over by a bus, but only because it will be your time to go home and prepare for the next journey. You won’t go before it is your time to go, so there is no point worrying.

The more you can return to your Divine Self, the more light that you will spread into the world without even trying, but if you carry fear in your aura, then you will infect many, many people unknowingly as you go about your daily business. But your light will spread calmness and reason. peace, tranquility and a sense of detachment and well-being, whilst still being a part of the whole. Each time you walk down a street or into a cafe, your light will touch people and help them, even though most of them will not know it. But some will.

Recently I went for an annual blood test and the nurse said to me, “Your different.” “Yes,” I answered with a smile, without adding anything else. She continued, “I feel the warmth coming from you. It is not common that I feel it, but with some I do.” We then had a little conversation for five minutes and she was really uplifted by being able to share the knowledge of her own sensitivity to those who carry light and of being able to feel the beauty and love in one who’s heart is awakened. Light was transferred between us and I have no doubt that others will have benefited that day from her vibration that had been raised by being able to be open about things she would normally have had to keep to herself in her working environment.

Light begets light and darkness begets darkness. Would you rather be in the fear of darkness or the open hearted expectancy of light? The choice really is yours. We choose what it will be? Don’t allow the noisy collective consciousness to dictate your mood. We are entering the brave new world, and I can barely contain my excitement for the opportunities that will be presented by the universe to those who are ready to receive its gifts.

Darshan with David

For those who are ready to drink in some Light, you can avail yourselves of my world-wide Sunday evening Darshan Transmission.

We can all carry on just as we are, or we can open and fill ourselves with light. In that process, we then bring more light to the world. We play our part in the transformation of humanity and support the planet. There are many, many options and opportunities to drink light into your heart and my Darshan is one of them.

You  can have a look at some of the testimonials on my website. Each week I receive a number of messages of how amazing and expansive the Darshan process has been for people and I share one of these testimonials each Friday to my mailing list.

Last Sunday alone, people joined the Darshan from all around the world! Australia, USA, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, UK, France, Switzerland, Austria, Scotland.

All of these people are actively bringing the light into their hearts and then carrying it out into the world as it uplifts and supports them.

I’ve been bringing light into the world for 25 years since my awakening. I’ve been a spiritual teacher for over 20 years. I brought The Emerald Heart Light into the world, and that is what ultimately opened my heart to be able to give Darshan.

We have choices. We can either serve the universe and in that serve ourselves, or we can just serve ourselves. When you bring light into your heart, then you serve all of humanity, the universe and the earth, whether you see it or not.

We choose to walk with light, or we choose otherwise.

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With Love and Blessings.


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23 08, 2016



Sometimes life smashes me on the shores of an inner desolation. A darkness so profound that it seems almost impossible to climb out of it. Like looking up at the sheer face of the frozen north wall of a mountain with nothing left within to face the challenge. Overwhelmed with the pain of darkness.

A place of pointlessness; of the futility of life; of the exhausted emotions; of the weight of the difficulties facing humanity.

A place of utter desolation.

Such is the journey of many a spiritual aspirant. For you must enter the darkness in order to find the light beneath and beyond it. But yet also, the darkness is what is released by the light itself at the core of your being when the light pulses a little more illumination into you.

In life, we all face the darkness of depression and anxiety from time to time. It is a natural part of our human emotional make-up. Our emotions are extremely powerful and heavy energies, but when the heart chakra is functioning well and is filled with the joy of creation, then the power of it will soon cleanse the dark energies from within the aura that can overwhelm you.

The Radiance of Light

About a week ago, I had the most amazing and profound insights that came in parts over three days. The light that illuminated them was so intense that you could have lit a whole universe with it. The uplift from the light was tremendous. The insight showed me into the deepest aspects of the universe and the God-consciousness and how to harness this in a new way, adding to my already bursting armoury of tools and methods to open people’s hearts. Over a period of three days the insights kept coming until I had perfected the understanding of the process. I immediately applied them to two people who were struggling to overcome a deep inner difficulty.

The drama unfolded immediately. Within 24 hours lives were opened to new levels where a deeper truth was now showing itself to the people concerned. A truly remarkable process had been unveiled.

The nature of a such an infusion of light also acts upon the aspects of your consciousness that are ready to be released. The light brings to the surface aspects of darkness that are held deep within you. After the great gift of illumination, always comes the darkness. Light will always illuminate darkness and set it free from the place it lives within you. As it rises to the surface of your consciousness, it floods your aura and chakras with its overwhelming power, as it waits to be released from your being, allowing you to become freer than ever before.

Addiction to Depression

Inner darkness is like a magnetic force. Some people are troubled greatly with depression as the overwhelming power of it consumes every atom of light they possess, to a point where life becomes so dark that it seems there is only one way out. But what many do not understand is that the power of the darkness is actually addictive. You can become addicted to feeling so bad that you then struggle to get out of those feelings. They become like a heavy cloak overwhelming your being. It may be that the energy system becomes cleansed, the chakras become rejuvenated and clear, but the addiction to the darkness continues. When you understand this, you can then redouble your efforts to get out of the addictive part of the problem. Once you know that your energy system is as clear and powerful as can be, then there is only this one aspect of addiction to the depressive energies left to challenge.

The Gift of Darkness

When the darkness comes, it is always a gift, but the desolation makes this gift difficult to see and understand, but a gift it certainly is. It is almost always your own darkness that is being released from a deeper level. The weight, mass and density of it coming into your waking consciousness for you to acknowledge and work at letting it go; getting it out of your system. Once the dark energy is clear and you pull yourself out of that addictive aspect of the issue, then suddenly, the universe can pour the light of illumination and creation into you once more.

So goes the cycle of evolution. From darkness into light, into darkness, into light.

The cycle of Desolation and Resurrection. Death and Rebirth.

Without the darkness rising within you, you cannot find the light that shines beneath it.

When the darkness comes, it has been triggered by the light emerging. Work at dispelling the darkness and bringing forth the light.

I have many, many tools and processes to help you.

With love and blessings.

David Ashworth


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