20 11, 2017

A Meeting With Destiny


Today is a beautiful autumn morning in my part of the United Kingdom, just over the border from ancent Wales. I love the border lands, there is always mystery here.

In fact I lived in deepest Wales for 8 years in my late teens and early twenties and I still have friends in that part. One friend in particular shared my passion for the ancient sacred places and we visited and explored many interesting sites, not printed in most of the guide books. One of those sites in particular gave us a most spectacular display of the nature spirits in action one day.

As we walked through an ancient forest track towards the Cromlech of Gwal-y-Filiast, my friend was a couple of steps in front of me. Suddenly an energetic wall was thrown across our path. It hit him so hard that he cried out, “What’s happening to me?”

I had seen the energy coming just about the time it hit him. “Don’t move!” I repled with some urgency. “Stand perfectly still and do not move!” I repeated.

I hadn’t walked into the wall as I had seen it, even though it was invisible to normal eyes, of course, but nevertheless, I was very aware that something very powerful was taking place. I told my friend to take a couple of steps backwards towards me and keep his eyes looking down towards the earth. “Do not look up!” His aura was almost inside out. He felt terribly ill and sick. He was mumbling and trembling and I told him not to worry and explained that we were being stopped from proceeding and that we should just stand here until the spirit of the forest, or whatever it was, gave us further instruction. Later, I understood that it was the God, Pan, and of course, his energy does cause panic and my friend was certainly experiencing that.

Suddenly, it began to rain, the noise in the leafy canopy was huge. I even thought it was a hail storm. As we looked up, it wasn’t raining water or hail. It was raining all manner of twigs, leaves and what seemed like thousands of tiny bits and pieces from the tree canopy. It was incredible and bizarre. There was no wind and nothing that would trigger such a deluge. It was a tremendous noise and it wasn’t happening anywhere else other than where we stood. My friend was again in a panic, but I was standing firm and trying to read the signs. It was of course very clear. This was a major nature spirit intervention into our pilgrimage.

We stood for quite some time without moving. Perhaps about fifteen minutes. During that time a family group with a dog passed us by and we bid each other good morning. The children were bouncing and making a lot of noise and the dog was leaping about and barking. From our point on the pathway, I could just see the capstone of the cromlech some 50 metres away. Even then, I was unsure if I should even look at it.

As we continued to stand, I was given the words. ‘Inner Silence’. “Go into the inner silence.” I went so deep I could actually hear the grass growing. I could feel the forest breathing and every atom of life in that place. I told my friend to go deeply into the inner silence, too. During this time, I has also been rearranging his aura somewhat and then shortly after this he was feeling better and we were given permission to continue and the wall was removed.

Very carefully, with great reverence and respect, we took each step gingerly as there was still a powerful presence all around us. As we approached in silence the family and friends were still at the cromlech. Children still running and making a lot of noise and the dog still barking. We were somewhat disappointed, feeling that the serenity of the sacred place had been shattered and to a certain degree, our own pilgrimage had been disturbed at a deep level.

But then I saw what was coming next. As we stood to one side, not actually entering the sacred space, I said to my friend, “Watch what happens now and remember those words, Inner Silence.” Within a couple of moments the dog and children went totally silent and the family moved off without a sound, not even a word. We never heard them again.

The space was clearly being made ready for us. We wered stopped so that this family who were perhaps 15 minutes behind us on the trail, could pass.

We enjoyed our time there and as we were leaving, suddenly my heart said, “You haven’t given thanks.” I thought to myself that we had not been seeking anything tpday, but just visiting but I knew I had no choice. I had to go back and give thanks. My friend asked what I was giving thanks for? I answered that I didn’t know, but that I had to go back, walk three times around the cromlech and give thanks, which I did as he watched.

It felt complete, but that is all I could say about it.

At 5.00am the following morning, I was woken and given the text for the book VISION.

Remember when you are in nature that it functions on many levels. If you are listening and feeling in the moment as you walk with Pan, the spirit of the woods or forest, the nature spirits and whatever else might live there, be wise and take your time. For sometimes magic is waiting for you. Great gifts might be just around the corner. If you do not have the appropriate level of reverence and respect, you will walk right through the magic, unperceived.

That day, I also received the essence of Inner Silence, which has been one of the most amazing of the many essences that I have been gifted to bring into this world for the evolution of humanity.

Some time after that, I had to return to the cromlech by myself. It was spring equinox and I had to spend the night in the forest alone in a death and rebirth ceremony, such as in the native American way. However, I drew the line at digging a grave and lying in it.

The cromlech lay nearly 200 miles from where I lived and that week there had been severe weather warnings. The sun shone on a bitter day as I drove south towards the Preseli Mountains in West Wales. I parked the car and began my journey towards the ancient woods and the valley below. The temperature was zero and as I stepped onto the mile long track for the decent, the snow began to fall. A perfect greeting. But that’s another story.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.


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20 11, 2017

The Light Of The Heavens


This morning I woke up in the Universe, totally surrounded by endless light and power. Can you imagine how big the battery must be to run the stars? Have you ever looked at the amazing images from the Hubble Space Telescope?

I captured some of the Universal Energy once for a book cover and it was a fascinating process, bringing the light of the universe down to earth and putting it on a page. Well, it’s easy really, you just print the photo. Lol.

The photograph was of Cassiopeia, a neutron star. Neutron stars are formed when giant stars die in the process of exploding into supernova.

A section of the photo was used to provide a base of Universal Energy in one of its most amazing transformational processes, the energy of supernova death creating the matter for rebirth including a neutron star.

Stars have nurseries, where hundreds of them are being born at any one time. Can you imagine what is must be like to walk through a star nursery? Of course, it goes way beyond the imagination, the process is that huge.

But something powers all of this. How much power do you need to create a star? How much power do you need to create a nursery full of young stars? Stars, of course, are suns, like ours, but many of them are massively bigger than our sun, burning at incredible temperatures and lighting the heavens for impossible distances to calculate.

All this is going on you your own back yard. Just go outside on any clear night and even though you might only be able to see a few pinpoints of light, if you can look into the perceived blackness with a telescope, you will see that it is actually filled with light. That is the light of our universe, fully alive in the process of creation in a never-ending cycle of energy and light. Transforming, dying, birthing again in a never ending cascade of radiance.

That’s what actually goes on in your heart when you can see it!

Wait and see.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.


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12 11, 2017

Seeing What Stands Before You


One has to be very careful what is said about the source of all things because if the seeker of light is not yet ready to see the truth that stands in front of them, there will be one of three responses.

The first response is nothing, simply because they cannot see the light yet. The second response usually comes when the light of the first party touches the ego of the second party and the response is then often the projection of anger and blind judgement upon the first party.

The third response is when the heart of the seeker opens and they drink in the light that is offered, unspoken by the first party. The Light then touches them in the heart with absolute knowing of the truth of the moment. However, there can even be a further response at this point. That is when the mind suddenly kicks in and tries to rationalise the feelings of truth in the heart.

When the mind begins its journey of rationalisation, that is when the confusion enters your life and the mind energy is so strong that it soon drowns the truth that your heart is trying to show you. Very soon, you lose the feelings in the heart altogether and you allow the ship to sail out of your life until the Universe next considers you are ready to try again.

That is the nature of how the Universe tries to awaken each of us. In the teachings of Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas he says:

I stood boldly in the midst of the world
and I manifested to them in the flesh.
I found them all drunk.
I found none among them athirst,
And my soul was afflicted for the sons of men
Because they are blind in their heart
And they do not see
That empty they came into the world
And that empty they seek to go out of the world again,
except that now they are drunk.
When they shake off their wine,
Then they will transform their Knowing.

Those who know me, know that I am not religious in any sense of the word, and neither was Jesus. He was a teacher who tried to show the world the way that he had found to inner illumination, and here we are two thousand years later and most people on the planet are still in that drunken blindness.

Let me try and explain this teaching above.

I stood boldly in the midst of the world
and I manifested to them in the flesh.

When Jesus speaks of manifesting into the world, this is actually the God-consciousness speaking through him, telling us that; ‘I’ – the God-consciousness – manifested into this world through the flesh of an ordinary man that I chose to bring forth the teachings of how to become ‘me’ – the God-consciousness itself. So, Jesus is a chosen one, chosen to bring forth the teachings.

I found them all drunk.
I found none among them athirst,
And my soul was afflicted for the sons of men
Because they are blind in their heart

Jesus, who is now fully illuminated with the God-consciousness is riddled with the pain of humanity for they cannot see anything for the blindness in their hearts. No heart is thirsty for the light of truth. No one has the courage to look at what stands before them.

Empty they came into the world, and empty ‘the seek’ to go out of it again.

This means that people have learned nothing at all of any true value through life. They seek to go out again totally unevolved; a completely wasted life.

except that now they are drunk.

But now they are actually really drunk on the emotional pleasures of mankind and become even more blind than when they were born into this world.

When they shake off their wine,
Then they will transform their Knowing.

This means that when they cleanse their hearts of guilt, they will transform their inner being and the light at the core of their heart will begin to shine forth. Then they will begin to See and Know the Truth of Universal Consciousness.

Now then, I didn’t set off to write these words this morning, but clearly that is the message that I was chosen to bring. Therefore, somebody out there must be ready to see the message and perhaps take another step toward allowing their heart to drink in a bit more light.

With my deepest Love and Blessings.


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29 10, 2017

Light Across The Water 2


All seems to be happening across the water at the moment. On Tuesday I will go to San Diego, California to meet with some wonderful people who are going to be working with me on the new world-wide Circle of Light.

I have mentioned Circle of Light two or three times now and some of you may be wondering when it will surface. Well, I think it will finally be born around the Spring Equinox 2018.

The birthing process has been deep and profound, taking me through a 4 month period of the Dark Night of the Soul. Now, I’ve been through a good few of these in the past as the Universe has poured light into my heart to open me to ever new processes and possibilities, but this last one was something else to bear. Death and inner rebirth, letting go, leaving it all behind so that the Universe has a clean slate within the heart to work with.

However, I came out of that about a month ago now and the light is returning and illuminating the next part of Circle of Light and I am looking forward to being able to share more with you as soon as I can.

Briefly though, it will give you the opportunity to be connected into The Emerald Heart Light for a whole year. You will be given sacred teachings and empowered to do some wonderful things. Some of you have experienced Emerald Heart Programs where the Light is poured into your heart for a period of 28 days and then continues to work with you for between 3 to 4 months and the inner transformations can be quite profound. Imagine the opportunity to be connected for a whole year?

During the first year, you will be prepared to take further and greater steps being taught how to bring this amazing Light into the world, fully supported by my team of hand-picked, experienced Spiritual Teachers.

Well, there is a little taster of how things are developing with Circle of Light and this will be your opportunity to bring transformational Light directly into your heart.

The Emerald Heart Light brought me to where I am today, and it will show you that there are no limitations. You can attain the same level as I have, and I am still unfolding even now.

Wishing you all a wonderful Darshan today.

With my deepest Love and Blessings,


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22 10, 2017

Light Across The Water


Last Friday, my colleague Ryan posted a short film of me that was shot about a year ago by amazing film maker Nic Askew who lives in the USA.

This morning I received two specific messages, one was from Nic who felt the film was ‘Awsome’ and that he would be sharing it with others.

The other message was some feedback from a very close colleague of many years, who had an amazing experience of the Darshan that was transmitted through the film. She is also in the USA. Here is the feedback.

Dearest Dave,

How are you doing?

I just wanted to let you know that when I watched the Darshan video today when the Light was pouring into the camera, that I had an amazing experience.

Suddenly there were two Daves in front of me instead of one and it seemed that each one was pouring light into one of my eyes so it was almost like looking into your eyes during a Live Darshan.

The position that you were in when talking to the camera meant that you were not directly looking into the camera so it seemed that this issue was solved for me by the introduction of an image of you for each of my eyes.

After a short while I then could not focus but I knew the two images of you were present and still sending the Light.

I did feel a profound shift and that things were and are bubbling away in my heart – in a good way.
I just wanted to share this with you so you know the impact it has had on me.Love and Hugz.

The Universe has a wonderful way of sending you feedback when you need to know if something is working or not. It was the first time we had tried recording the Darshan effect and other than posting it in our You Tube channel, we had never transmitted it before. Although I have transmitted many thousands of things in the past and know that they work, Nic’s film was something that we hadn’t tried before. So, thank you for letting us all know how well it works Universe.

Wishing you all a wonderful Darshan today.

With my deepest Love and Blessings,


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21 10, 2017

The nature of the Evolutionary Process


It’s all about the heart.

When the heart begins to open you have no doubt who you are and why you are here, but how do we get to that point?

Also, are you a Chosen One. A person who has been sent here on a mission to help humanity? Yes, it might sound like a grand title, but those who wear it often have had extremely difficult lives as they had to learn so much in order to be able to help others. However, we are not going into that today, but looking at a particular case study of evolution in action in the life of a healer.

This is the story of Janey, a spiritual student who has worked with me, as and when needed, for a number of years. The process of spiritual evolution takes place when it takes place and although I can stimulate the process, more often than not it has already been stimulated within the person by the universe, when they knock on my door. When life becomes difficult and doesn’t make sense any longer people usually reach out for help.

Now, let’s explain that. You know the term God works in Mysterious Ways, well you would not believe how mysterious until you see some of the chaos that is caused in a person’s life, just to wake them up to the fact that, a) they can’t do it all by themselves and, b) They need to learn to reach out for help occasionally. A and B are actually universal laws, but again I won’t go into that now as we want to look at what was happening with Janey.

When you are on the spiritual path, there is much to learn and the only way you learn it is through experience. When difficulty arrives in your life, it is always because you need to learn from it, and as you work on yourself, on your path, then you learn many things about how the Universe works, compared to how humans work.

Janey is well versed in spiritual matters as a healer of long standing, but when things become difficult, she knows it is time to receive guidance to find out what is going on and why.

Last year, she engaged in a course that I ran called 13 Moons of Transformation. Over the period of a year, Light was poured into her heart. If you pour enough Light into a person, it brings many things to the surface that need to change, and in the process offers you the opportunity to move forward by addressing these matters. Also though, it opens the heart at a very deep level and in that process exposes energies that need to be dissolved out of the consciousness.

What are the symptoms of an evolutionary process?

The symptoms of a deeper transformation are usually that you feel empty; that life has no meaning; like you have been unplugged from anything that made sense to you in the past and the emptiness quite often drowns you in a sense of deep desolation and meaningless. You reach a place of asking, what is the point in life?

What causes this is two-fold. Firstly, the God-consciousness unplugs you from the person that you were so that you cannot hold on to anything that you were, hence the emptiness and desolation. Secondly, the aura tends to be flooded with the energies of darkness surrounding the deeper issues of life, the learning process and fears that prevent you from moving forward any further.

Boy do you feel bad! Life really has no meaning at all, but when we look into the consciousness we can find out exactly what is happening. What energies are flooding you and what if anything we can do to assist this process.

In Janey’s case, firstly, we were not certain if this was a full blown evolutionary process at this early juncture that was causing her to feel so bad, or if it was just a series of energies that were rising from the deeper consciousness to be released. So we identified the dark energies firstly, which were a group of fears, powerful, dark, troublesome and overwhelming. The nature of fear is literally a dark cloud of energy, so there is no need to see it as evil, but as restrictive and limiting. The fears were Fear of Life, Fear of Death and Fear of Incarnation. This is a group of fears known as Evolutionary Fears and always work as a group. The actual meaning of them is very different to the names that describe them, and that is for another time, but it enough to say that the power of them totally stops your life dead in its tracks.

Working with Janey’s Higher Self, once these had been identified we Targeted them with a Program that would pour Light into hear heart and begin to dissolve them during the coming weeks and months. Once we begin an evolutionary program such as this, we let the Light get on with the job of dissolving the Target and then review the situation around four weeks later.

At this first juncture, I was not sure if this was the totality of the situation and once dissolved she would reconnect with herself and move forward again, or if there was indeed, a much deeper process taking place and we were waiting to see what would show itself once we began to open and move the deeper consciousness with the Light.

There was an intermediate process where another group of fears arose and we continued pouring Light into her heart, but again we had to wait to see what would show itself when the deeper consciousness opened.

At the follow up session some weeks later, the picture was much clearer. Under normal circumstances, the darkness would have moved to a degree where she was once again connected with her deeper self and have emerged from the darkness, but in this case, she actually felt worse. Great! Now we really know what we are dealing with. A full blown evolutionary process and rebirth into a higher vibration. Time for celebration, even though Janey was not yet in the mood to appreciate this.

We reviewed the whole energy system again through connecting with her Higher Self for guidance. I was taken very deeply into the heart and was aware of this massive pulling force on the aura. The aura was actually being sucked inwards, crushing her energy system. Much more dramatic than the previous two viewings. This was a powerful force which I recognised as a process that is called A Black Hole Effect.

As we had poured Light into Janey’s heart at the beginning of the process to dissolve the group of Evolutionary Fears that were preventing her further growth, the Light had accelerated the deeper issues and now I could see that here were another series of fears rising to the surface, but these were the most powerful forms of fear which are all about transformation into a higher expression of consciousness pertaining to God-consciousness. Sometimes in this situation we see a Fear of being touched by God. I won’t give you the exact details of these fears as this is a sacred and privileged procedure, but suffice to say that these fears consist of the most fundamental and powerful issues that prevent humanity as a whole, as well as individually, from merging with God-consciousness.

What was now taking place was this absolute battle between Light and dark in the deepest part of the consciousness. The Light of the God-consciousness was trying to emerge from the core of the heart and the fears associated with becoming this aspect of God-consciousness were pulling so much energy out of her life to try and prevent the Light emerging. The result of this battle was that the dark energy of the fears was creating a pulling force that is like a black hole in space and the aura was being pulled into this dark mass that was intensifying by the day.

The fears are literally trying to prevent the process of the evolution of human consciousness. Until you are called work with light, you don’t really experience anything like this in normal everyday life, but once working with Light, then Universal Consciousness is always pushing you to new heights be developing your heart to hold more and more light.

The Light continues to pulse and push and try and push the dark matter out of the heart and sooner or later, the Light will win the battle. In the meantime though Janey is experiencing the inner hell of being cut off from her own Light as the darkness does all it can to prevent the process of evolution. For me it is just like watching Gandalf fighting the Balrog in a way. It is a very visual process as I open the doors to the deeper consciousness guided by the Higher Self of the individual to be shown what is happening. From the point where I have seen it and understand it, then assistance is given from the Universe, which is immediate. I am guided what tools we need and how to approach the process in order to assist the individual in their rebirthing into a higher vibration and expanded expression of their consciousness.

Sometimes the process is a quick fix and then the person’s energy system continues to open by itself and carry them forward in life. Sometimes it is a deep and profound process that can take a few months to play out. Either way, I am a little like a mid-wife helping clear the way for the Light within to emerge to a new level. Through this process of inner rebirth the individual then carries more Light into the world, and thus, shines more brightly. If they are a spiritual worker, their work becomes more powerful and then are then able to assist others to also bring more Light into the world.

Through healing and evolutionary processes, so the world will become a better place. We can all play a part and when the Light calls to your heart, you will not be able to resist its call.

With Love and Blessings.


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14 10, 2017

Train Crash at the OK Corral

Obviously a play on words from the latterly famous shoot out at the OK Corral between lawmen and outlaws. This illustration is about how opposing forces come together face-to-face sometimes and unless some wisdom is applied to the situation then serious consequences can result. In the case of the OK Corral, some were killed and others were wounded.

But what has that got to do with the spiritual path?

It is very simple. It is an illustration about energy, light and darkness.

First of all it is the energy of opposition. Two opposing forces with a different world view that come face-to-face. Each one insisting that theirs is the right way, or their way and the other should just get out of the way or perhaps even be annihilated.

You see it throughout history. One force trying to dominate the other force. One ideal attempting to crush the other ideal. Historically, it more often than not ended with a massive loss of life as human blood was spilled into the earth.

Has anything changed? Well, perhaps a little has changed in as much as we don’t throw Christians to the lions for entertainment any longer in the arenas of the Roman Empire, but certainly people still kill people for having a different view of reality.

When the awakening begins and your heart begins to seek the truth within, and of course, the truth without, we begin to see how the tit-for-tat approach to attack and revenge is a never ending cycle that reverberates throughout eternity. When one attacks another, it creates a ripple in the mirror of the future, which is going to be reflected back to the perpetrator at some point, whether in this life or the next. There is no way you will get away with doing anything that is unwholesome to another person.

Even so much as a dark thought creates such a ripple and will come hurtling back at you with great speed if you are already advanced on your path. Instant Karma! I have experienced instant karma even before I’ve slipped up, just to slap me and awaken me before the event, but sometimes you can’t even stop yourself because you are driven by great forces within that you have not yet mastered. The path is a phenomenal journey that seems at times to be never ending, but as tiny seeds of light and consciousness at our core that fundamentally inhabit wild animals with wild animalistic tendencies, we have much work to do.

When an injustice is committed against another, the reflection is immediately placed in motion and for those on the spiritual path, it tends to come back to them very quickly and in the form of a never-ending trauma in your consciousness until you atone for the misdeed. In one of Jesus’ teachings in the Gospel of Thomas he says, “I will give you what no eye has seen and what has not arisen in the heart of man.” This is a reference to many things that you will have brought into this life to cleanse yourself of or atone for. It is the ripple you placed in the fabric of the universal mirror at some previous time, which can be either ten life times ago or last week. As your heart awakens and your light begins to shine within, it illuminates the energy of the past that must pass from you in this life in order for you to grow. The light doesn’t necessarily illuminate the original issue, unless you still need to learn from it, but it illuminates the energy that dwells within you that needs to be released.

As your light grows, so the inner distress grows with it, until it can finally be released. At that point, you will go through a great shift in terms of your vibration.

The Train Crash
As you step into the light of your teachers their light will move you. It will open you merely by being in their presence. Their illuminated heart will feed your own heart, even if you are unaware of this happening. It will likely cause you distress and difficulty and you may well curse them and walk away, but at some point, you will see the truth of what has taken place, and then of course, you have to face the reflection of the curse you placed. See how it keeps coming back?

Your vibration will change constantly as you drink in light and you will find others on the path who resonate with where you are in your development, and indeed, this resonance will assist you both. But also, you will encounter others who’s light might be more powerful, or indeed less developed than your own and in these encounters you will experience the difficulty of opposition, or opposing force. They may speak words that do not resonate with you at all and that will cause you inner pain, anger, rage or many other things on the emotional scale.

Imagine two trains colliding head-on at high speed. Those are massive forces, one probably more intense that the other and the resulting coming together creates chaos.

Navigating the spiritual path is about seeing the chaos of collision even before you arrive at it, or even swerving at the last moment to avoid it, but also, and most importantly, whatever energy hits you from such a close encounter, you must learn to see the truth in it.

If it is painful, then it is either a lesson or the mirror bringing back to you the pain that you created a long, long time ago.

The saying goes that revenge is sweet and the energy of revenge is so powerful that it tricks people into the continuum pool where they are forever receiving a smack from their own reflection, whilst blaming it on others.

Every difficulty in life is of your own making at some point in your history and so we must learn to look for the lesson in every difficulty. When difficulty comes, then just ask the question, “What am I trying to learn from this?”

In order to prevent difficulty, then sow no difficulty for others. Sow only gentle thoughts, uplifting ideas and love and then only these things will come back to you as the Universe reflects your truth.

When difficulty comes, take it in deeply, dwell with it and ask for guidance and understanding. Never enter into riposte or retaliation, not even the thought of it, even though it might burn in your breast to get back at someone. Turn the other cheek and in that way, eventually, the universal mirror will cease to present humans with the reflection of the pain they have created for others and peace will reign everywhere.

It might take a long time, but those who are working on themselves, drinking in light, learning a new way are contributing to a new world vibration. One heart at a time opening will eventually lead to a tipping point where the old world cannot survive against the illumination of a new humanity.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.


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7 08, 2017

Feedback from a Distant Darshan


Some recent feedback from a Distant Darshan.

“Dear David,

Just wanted to let you know how my first Distant Darshan was and thank you for my Darshan and after Darshan experience.

I followed your instructions and was lying 15 minutes before the Darshan with my eyes closed. I was kind of calm and relaxed but all of a sudden I felt tears streaming down my cheeks…couldn’t control them…

At the time Distant Darshan started I was back to my relaxed state but the tears’ effect was on and off. I saw clouds of different colours – started with a dark red, then changing into dark grey, light grey and blue. Then clouds changed into soft white, can’t forget it. I felt a bit of pressure on my head and a tingling sensation in my legs. At one point – I opened my eyes and instinctively looked at the time – I was 45 minutes into the Darshan but it didn’t seem that long, so I was kind of lost in time, too.

I would say the after experience is absolutely fantastic!! I felt extremely relaxed and calm on the following day and I have a very stressful job. I was happy and smiling from within. Had a lot to do but didn’t feel the stress, I was doing one thing after another, amazing!!

I had also asked for a Darshan for my 2 grandchildren.

My younger grandchild was so much calmer and happier (going through a lot of tantrums at the moment and crying for no reason at all) and I also had the chance to talk to my other grandchild, who is not much of a talker and.. well, let’s say – just a stroppy teenager, I suppose. I thought I was talking to a different person, much calmer and actually wishing to talk and listen! So amazing!!

So, thank you, thank you, thank you, David!!!

I feel so blessed!! I will be doing more Distant Darshan with you!!

With lots of love,

SM, Exeter, UK”

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31 07, 2017

Questions and Answers


Every now and then someone will ask a very valid question, the answer to which might help many, so I have often written a teaching on the subject. One such question that comes up often is this:

Q:  Why do you use the term Guru, David?

Answer:  To show you how you limit your own growth.
Answer:  To show you what you could attain in a single life-time

There are a number of answers to this question, so here we go.

1.  When my heart finally opened fully to the enlightened Divine state, it TOLD me that I must use the term guru.

I didn’t want to use it for lots of reasons. Who do I think I am? It sounds pompous and ridiculous. People will judge me – Who does he think he is? People will possibly even laugh and ridicule me. Well people will think and do what people think and do and I have no control over that, and it matters not what they think. They don’t know me or what I have been through to arrive here. I have no choice in the matter, I was told that I had to use the word guru.

I knew what would happen if I didn’t follow this guidance from my heart too. The Universe would seriously limit my further development.

Constantly, people tell me that they have difficulty with me using this word Guru, even close friends and people I’ve worked with for many, many years. It’s only a four letter word. Lol.

In addition to the above, here are some of the reasons that I use it.

2.   It is to show YOU that I’m not afraid of a word.

Have you ever really appreciated the power that one word can hold over you?

Maybe you are really called to the Light, but can’t step in because of the power of a single word, that the teacher uses.  Perhaps you don’t like it, it touches you in some way or does something to you. It certainly does, it shows you your limitations.

So, by using the word Guru, my heart was showing me the power of that word and how it filled people with fear and held them back.

People fall under the power of judgement without ever seeking to find the truth for themselves.

They listen to hearsay, rather than opening the door to see what it offered. This is what Jesus means when he talks about sheep. Most people are of the flock, they only know what the flock tells them. They fear stepping out of the flock and truly becoming an individual, armed with their own truth gained through their own experiences.

If you dare to step out of the flock, then the flock fill you with the fear of what might happen to you.

Electricity is a case in point. When your parents tell you that electricity is dangerous the only way you really learn this is when you finally get a shock from it. I can remember every time I had an electric shock throughout my life, as it was shocking. Lol. It was a fantastic learning experience and I didn’t need to dabble with it, ever.

3.  Back in the days when I was first learning how to open people’s hearts by using the power of light to illuminate them I would offer them two things.

Firstly, the truth of what was holding them back, which I could see clearly as I looked into their consciousness, and which they could usually identify with.

Secondly, a method by which we could dissolve the energy of this limitation.

It is a very simple process that is arrived at by two simple questions.

What is the problem?
How do we fix it?

People would sometimes sit there wanting me to literally convince them of the truth that they could actually feel, or even ‘sell’ them the idea of stepping into a simple process that would free them from the pain of this limitation.

My heart taught me a powerful lesson on this point.

“Dave,” it would say, “it is not up to you to convince them, it is up to them feel the truth in their heart of what you are offering them.”

“Do not waste a single atom of energy or a second of your time on those who are not ready to see truth.”

Now you might think that this is a very strong or rigid point, or even a very harsh way of working with people, but it is only based on the Universal Laws of Evolution and if you do not obey these laws you will certainly face difficulty very quickly. You cannot help those who refuse to be helped.

As you might guess, the ones who could hear their heart and feel the truth jumped in and transformed and those who are still trying to figure it out 20 years later, are still going round in circles.

4.  The word Guru paralyses YOU.

It shows you how you hold back your evolution.

It shows you how deeply you are programmed with fear.

It shows you how you have probably never taken the time to find out what the word means.

Essentially, the word guru challenges you with your own limitation and shows you how you judge rather than explore the possibility of how that word can free you to become who you really are.

All the word guru means is Dispeller of Darkness

Essentially, I brought a light into the world that dispels darkness.

It dispelled my own darkness, cleansed my heart and opened it.

It can do the same for you.

What is complicated about that?

5.  When my heart was opening and blossoming into this highly developed state of my own evolution, I read a book by Mother Meera called Answers. When I reached the point where she was explaining the level of attainment that describes a traditional eastern guru, I immediately put the book down. I had found what I was looking for, even though I didn’t realise I was looking for it.

It explained perfectly, the path I had walked and what I had accomplished in a single life-time.

To conclude this question around the word Guru,  I would like you to ponder this?

How do you expect to become fully enlightened if you can’t embrace who you are becoming at each stage of your development?

Teacher, Writer, Shop Keeper, Driver, Healer, Therapist, Bringer of Light, Spiritual Teacher, etc.

If you do not have the courage to tell the world who you are and fully embrace your heart and soul, then you are in perpetual self-denial and perpetual inner pain.

If people have an issue with who you have become, then that is their issue and not yours. It is they who need to seek help to overcome that issue or limitation to their growth.

When Divine Consciousness blesses you with spiritual attainment, if you do not embrace it and trust it with all of your heart, it is like throwing it back in the face of God.

I fully embrace my enlightened heart as a dispeller of darkness – a guru.

With my deepest Love and Blessings,


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17 07, 2017

How to become a Light Bringer


A friend posted a question about How to become a Bringer of Light and I have offered a little teaching on it, based on my own experiences.

The process of Bringing Light into the world is, like all things of a universal consciousness nature, both easy and difficult. Lol.

When you can do it, it’s easy… Lol, but getting there for most people is a journey and quite often, those who are going to be really gifted at becoming a Light Bringer will often have a very difficult life to begin with. Maybe we will talk about that at some point, but the reason I mention it here is that those people who have a really tough time in life often think they are not going to make it. They often have a terrible record of getting things wrong or making mistakes and getting absolutely nowhere in life.

Take heart; I was that person.

To become a Light bringer is a process for most, although some have an almighty awakening and the process just begins. These are The Chosen Ones. Those chosen by the universe to train how to Bring Light to the whole world.

However, that is an uphill struggle too for most as there are so many lessons to learn along the way, but the most important thing to remember is to NEVER GIVE UP.

I was once sat by myself on a sunny bench in a caravan. I was on my own taking a few days out. It had been a tough time. I was battered and bruised by life, the universe and everything. And as I sat there wondering which way to go, what to do next, how to change my life to what I needed to be next, Guidance spoke up.

It said, “David, working for the universe is just like being a soldier. No matter how bad it gets, you get up each morning, put on your boots and go back out to fight.”

So that is how you become a Light Bringer. You never give up and each day you put on your boots and go back out to fight.

So, who or what are you fighting?

For the most part you are fighting yourself.

As we come into this life, we receive the patterning and programming of all those around us. We become the next clones that will form the next generation, unless one very important thing happens.

Unless, your Heart begins to open and secondly, you begin to listen to it, hear what it is saying and act upon it.

It takes time. It’s not a quick fix. You are learning to think for yourself and step out of the person that you have become to become something else, or something new.

Every time something really bad happens, that is usually the Universe letting you know that A: You are in the wrong place, B: with the wrong people or C: Doing the wrong thing.

So, every time you face some difficulty. Don’t complain but do this…


Then step aside, sit down and begin to ask for guidance as to what you are supposed to be learning from this difficulty.

Each time you are in a difficulty, that is when you are closest to the Universe because it is applying pressure to your life to wake you up and try to guide you in the right direction.

Each time you are in difficulty, it usually costs you and that is how God gets your attention.

But of course; ‘We know what we are doing, don’t we?’ Because we are smart intelligent people.

Like hell we are. Until we can hear the heart and run with it in everything it shows us, we may as well not be here because we are going nowhere fast and probably repeating the same errors of judgement.

If you want to be a Bringer of Light, get as close to light as you can. Get with the Light Bringers. Drink, Eat and Sleep Light. Never Give Up. Just keep going.

Look for the books that call to you. Align yourself with those whom you feel an affinity with. They will be the ones that carry something that will nurture you.

Align yourself with those who challenge you. They will be bringing lessons for you to see about yourself.

And, a little at a time, you will hear the heart. You will feel the love within and you





So, learn from the experiences, especially the difficult ones.

Taking a DISTANT DARSHAN is getting about as close to light as you can do.

I hope this helps you.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.


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