Hearing the God within You


Your spiritual journey begins where it begins and that place is usually with some kind of inner change or insight that tells you to move in a different direction. Even by the end of this first sentence, I can feel an excitement that I will explain to you later. My journey began around the age of 38 years. It came with a lot of dizziness and a pressure inside me that actually blew me up physically. This inflation would last for some hours and then go down again. I came to understand later that I was being filled with Light. Not a pleasant experience in the beginning and particularly as I seemed to be losing all focus when it happened but I got used to it. I am telling you this because perhaps you are only [...]

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The Twilight Zone


It’s that time of year where for me it feels like the Twilight Zone - the space between the winter solstice and the start of the natural yearly cycle and the space between Christmas and the beginning of the calendar New Year. It is that space where a lot of people don’t really seem to know what to do with themselves, but at the same time enjoy the period when they have taken extended holidays. Usually by this time, those who have work to go to are getting ready to enjoy that last great party of New Year’s Eve before launching themselves back into work mode for the coming months. When I was younger and running my typesetting business in Manchester, as the New Year began I would work solidly without a day off until the [...]

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The Fragility of Life


Today there has been a tsunami in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Many people taken from their lives here upon our Earth. On Wednesday I was walking in the hills of Shropshire on the most beautiful day that radiated peace in such a profound way that it touched me very deeply. I was speaking with my friend about how we have no idea when we are going to leave this beautiful place, perhaps never to return. We were also commenting how we have no idea what lies ahead for us in life as well as an untimely passing. I commented that ten years ago I could never have imagined living in this location, or walking regularly in these hills or indeed having met this friend who I walk with most weeks, and indeed we do enjoy the most wonderful [...]

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Watching the Film of My Life


Last week I said that we would be having a Special Offer this week. Well, due to a situation beyond my control, namely not being able to plan or read my own diary, it won't be happening until around Tuesday next week. The reason being that I will be abroad for a few days and won't be here to send out the Special Offer.  Very sorry for this error. Consciousness! It's deeper than an ocean, Bigger than the sky, Wider than the heavens, That you see with your eye. With something indefinably vast, how is it possible to ever understand ourselves? If you could view your life from a remote perspective, it would be like watching a film. When you watch a film you see only the light that shines through the celluloid projecting onto a [...]

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The Light of the World


It was close on 30 years ago now that everything began to go wrong. I was working 16 hours a day running a small business. Two small businesses, in fact. I had a small typesetting business serving advertising agencies and the print trade and I had also created the first totally organic professional hair product range approved by all the major players such as PETA, the RSPCA, Vegan Society and The Vegetarian Society. The trouble was, the ethical message was too far ahead of its time and hairdressers preferred to stick with the major cosmetic companies rather than take a risk on something new. Yes, they all told me that this was what the industry needed, but right now they were happy to stay where they were. One day I said to myself, "it is impossible [...]

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Healing the Healer


Life, as we know, can be busy. So busy in fact that we sometimes don’t see what we need to nurture ourselves. This past week or so, my energy has been very low, at certain times to the point where I was completely exhausted and right on the edge of collapse. No brain energy and hardly enough energy to breathe at times. There have been some close friends and colleagues going through very difficult times too, from inner transformation to serious physical issues and I try to be there for many, many people. Sometimes it takes a little toll on my energy, but at the same time, I find that I am going through a deep transformation of my own too. Figuring out how much energy is needed to support friends and colleagues and how much [...]

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Some recent sharing


Welcome! A couple of weeks ago, I promised you some recent feedback from our special Darshan offer. However, the Universe conspired against that twice as it wouldn't allow the text to format in Mailchimp, the mailing system that we use. Last week, it even stripped out the total teaching that I wrote for you and so eventually you received a little insight into what the Universe was doing rather than anything else. So much for planetary interference. This week I am going to try for a third time to share with you some recent Darshan Feedback. Here we go. Hi Dave, I recently had to go into hospital.  Then I had a holiday.  My landlady went away for 4 weeks, so I had to put Ollie, my cat into a cattery. When I collected Ollie, he was [...]

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The Recent Free Darshan Opportunity


Dear All, Thank you so much for your feedback recently. Unless I receive anything I really have no idea what's happening on the other side of my Darshan Transmission. Fortunately, people do from time to time send some feedback that I can share with you, and this is so valuable to both you and I. Below this article is some feedback from Viki. Thank you Viki. Recently, I offered two Darshans, one was free and the other I asked for you to consider what it was worth to you and use a Donate Button (if you wished to donate) a value that you could place on this Divine Blessing. Many of you really got the message in this little game and the answer was, "How can you put a value on such a thing as a [...]

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Emptying the Oceans


Emptying the Oceans There is so much to share this week that it will have to wait until next week, LOL! Just a short note for contemplation. Those who are switched on and listening to what's happening in the world tend to have a finger on the pulse, but every now and then something catches your eye or jumps out in some way. It was a letter in The Times on Wendesday July 18th in response to an article of the previous day entitled Sharks under attack. 39 Million sharks killed so far this year! Well, that did jump out at me just a little. That's more than half the population of the UK and we are only just over half way through the year. Currently there are around 73 million sharks killed every year and [...]

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