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21 05, 2018

Am I trying too hard?


Do You Try Too Hard?

Is the Spiritual Path easy?
If you are doing it well and correctly, then the answer for most people is probably no. If you think you have nothing to learn about how the Universe works, then you will be inhabiting the temporary delusion of illusion.

How long will it take me to get anywhere?
You have no idea as each person’s journey is different.

How do I know if I’m getting anywhere?
The answer comes in confirmations from the Universe.

Some people have a natural gift with languages and others find it almost impossible to get their head around pronunciation, meanings, cultural understandings and just the plain difficulty of reading or speaking in another tongue. The Spiritual Path is like that too. For some, they are in alignment with it, but for most it seems almost impossible to get anywhere.

Those who struggle most are usually the ones who are trying too hard. The ones that doubt their progress are probably doing quite well.

The first thing you need to learn are the Universal Laws. They are the language that makes the whole game of enlightenment function. Without knowing the rules of the game, how are you ever going to be able to play it?

The Universal Laws are also the language of the heart, but as a species, the heart is an organ that most people have yet to develop. Firstly, most people develop their language of the energy system and their sensitivity to the energies that surround them, both man-made and natural. Developing the ability to feel and then later see what is just beyond the limited 7 frequencies of the electro-magnetic spectrum that shows us our world begins to open the first layers of your potential for flowering.

When you consider that the E.M. spectrum is almost endless, the fact that we can only see into 7 of its frequencies might just give an indication of how limited we are until we can see and perceive beyond these.

Anyway, let’s not get too deep just yet.

When Light begins to call us, it is wise to trust it, but at the same time be aware of our feelings so that we become discerning as to if the light is doing us any good or not. For example, someone who is just beginning to awaken may be wasting their time sitting with a fully enlightened spiritual master and expect to get much from their teaching. Why? Because they have not yet had the heart opening experiences necessary to walk in those exalted footsteps and understand where they are leading. Of course, sitting in the light of the master may well have a profound effect if the student’s heart is truly ready to open and receive a shot of light. Can you see the conundrum here?

You might choose to follow all the great teachers of your time, but the governing factor is how much light your heart is ready to receive based upon your life path, which is determined by the Universal Consciousness that guides your life.

If your soul is ready to accelerate you at a great rate of knots, then certainly you will know it by the challenges you suddenly face in life. But if your soul chooses to take you upon a gentler journey of rich experiences, then it will take longer to attain a measure of enlightenment that you are certain has taken place.

So, what is the answer to this conundrum of, ‘how fast can I go?’

There are many aspects to this answer, but to try and simplify it, the key word is balance closely followed by the word harmony.

If you are drawn to sit in the light of a great teacher, then afterwards, allow the teacher’s words, light, or both, time to penetrate your system deeply. This may take a week or two. Then ask yourself, did I benefit from this immersion? If you are sure you benefitted, then do it again and again until you benefit no longer. Then it is time to move on.

Sometimes you may sit in the light of an Avatar and feel little in the moment, but in the days following there may be illumination or great challenges that arise. Both are pretty good signs that this has helped you on your journey, even though in the early days you may not be able to understand how.

The balance comes as a result of the harmony gained when you know you were in the right place. Don’t push it. Take your time. If you need to be pushed, then the Universe will push you.

One powerful lesson that I learned early on my path is that there is no such thing as negativity. It is only the way we perceive an energy as it touches our lives. For one person, it may be perceived as negative and for another it may be perceived as positive. But if the energy challenges you in any way, then it is your Divine opportunity for growth by finding the answer as to why?

The next time you experience a difficulty, challenge or what might appear to be a negative experience, just remind yourself how small you are in the understanding of the great Universal Game.

You have no idea how God chooses to work in the person standing next to you. You have no idea how God is going to use the conduit of another person to bring you a challenging lesson of something you need to work out or let go of on your journey towards enlightenment. So, the best thing you can do, whenever you experience something that pushes one of your buttons is to be very quiet inside, other than to ask yourself one simple question.

What am I trying to learn from this?

When you find the answer that is often the moment that creates a huge shift in your vibrational rate; the light bulb moment, which in turn opens the conscious understanding of the heart and moves you further towards enlightenment.

Some of us are here to change the world and some of us are here to change our selves, but we are not the ones who decide which is which. That choice resides with the Love that Guides all Beings.

With my deepest love and blessings.


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15 05, 2018

This week, Just a Sweet Thought!



Mix with water…

See how thick it becomes…

Then think about blood. How thick is blood?

Mix with SUGAR with Blood.

Imagine the pressure that the heart has to cope with.


Seed of all LIFE…

Mix Water with Blood.

Blood becomes thinner and the heart does not need to worry so much about pumping the life blood around your body.

The Heart does not have to think too much of survival.

I can think of Love and Life, rather than how to cope..

Love your Heart. Drink Water!

Drink Water and your Heart will Love You.

And you will become Love.

Wishing you all a wonderful Darshan this Sunday.

With my deepest love and blessings.


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7 05, 2018

Ego – The Delusion of Two Selves


Some think that there is only light, and once you put the darkness down, indeed there is only light. But the distance between the two is a long, long road and unlikely to be attained in even a handful of lifetimes.

If it is your thinking that you are now only light, then that is where the delusion begins. The moment that you realise that you are full of darkness; that is where the truth begins.

Truth is where the journey begins. Acceptance of the ugliness of the ego is where progress begins and that is the moment when you first attract the help of the universe.

The effort it takes to dissolve one ounce of ego from who you think you are, takes more energy than trying to climb Mount Everest with one leg, one arm and one lung. So, don’t even kid yourself that you’ve started. If you begin your journey into light from this perspective, then surely, you will make progress up the mountain.

The Kingdom is like a woman carrying a jar full of flour.
Whilst walking on a long road, the handle of the jar broke. The flour streamed out behind her on the road.
As she did not know it, she could not be troubled by it.
When she had reached her house, she put the jar on the ground;
She found it empty.

Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas

In the teaching above, the flour is your ego that you wear like some bedraggled raincoat. Because you have been wearing it for so long, it has become a part of you and you cannot experience the difference between your ego-self and a Divine expression of life. Essentially, we project ourselves into the world as our ego-selves until we begin to see that there is someone else inside the raincoat and that the raincoat is not actually who we are.

As the flour streams out of the jar, it is like the raincoat dissolving and falling to pieces with age and eventually dropping from your shoulders. The Divine you is revealed.  But indeed, this is a long, long road. Lifetime after lifetime your ego streams away a little at a time as you learn to tread life’s highway of teaching.

The more you work to become aware of your ego, how it works to gather reflections from others in order to feed its own illusion of self-delusion; how it is an essential being in its own right and not a part of your Divine self, then you can begin to see it in action, feeding the needs of itself.

If, like the woman above, you eventually arrive at your Divine self, all your flour having left your jar; your container, your life, then all you will be is you. You will be you but without thought of the identity of who you were or are now. If you think that you have made it and gone beyond ego, then you haven’t.

It is only when you can stand in the state of being-ness without any identification to any particular thought about your journey, then you have made it, and then of course, it doesn’t matter.

In the line from the teaching above that speaks about the woman reaching her house, this refers to the heart opening fully and the inner light beaming forth into this world. That is the point at which you become light and you will no longer be troubled by the process of dissolving the darkness that maintains the ego structure.

Let us try and put this into simple terms. If you are certain that you have made progress in dissolving any aspect of your ego, then you probably haven’t.

If you ‘know’ what the struggle would be like in trying to climb Mount Everest with one leg, one arm and one lung, then you are on your way to making some progress.

Unless there is a moment of Divine Intervention in your life, then the journey, indeed will be long, but with daily effort, progress will be made and in that process, you will begin to understand the nature of darkness and how much of it is in every atom of your being.

Humanity is nothing more than a virus consuming the face of a beautiful mother who tries endlessly to support it. When you can see that and feel the pain of it, then you are on your way.

I wish you all a wonderful journey into understanding the challenge of duality we are blessed with, on our journey into light together – For we are all ONE!

With my deepest love and blessings.


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29 04, 2018

The Shadow of Death


Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil…

On the spiritual path, sometimes we have to pass through the darkness. Indeed, if light comes into our being, it will illuminate the darkness. If our own inner light goes through an illumination process, it too will stimulate darkness to rise from the hidden depths of our consciousness to be released through our heart.

The shadow of death is nothing more than a shadow. It is not death, for there is no death of the essential being that is our inner light. We are eternal but merely wearing this cloak of disguise whilst we walk through the valley of this physical experience.

Our shadow is cast as light shines upon our ego, that part of us that makes itself known in the world, that communes with others and shows itself to be what it is, a construct in which our truth is hidden until such time that our true self comes forward to be seen from the source of the light within us. At that point there is no shadow, only light.

When we walk in the light of a teacher, that light will show you your shadow, which may at times cause you great pain as you see your own truth reflected back to you. As we walk our path through life, it is often strewn with the difficulties that our ego-self has created for us to learn from. As we back-track into the shadow we have an opportunity to clear and dissolve the energy of any difficulties that we have left in our shadow.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will see only the strife that I have created for myself, but I will fear no evil from the pain I experience, as this is the cleansing of the my shadow. As my shadow is released, so I will dwell more within my own light and that eternal light that comes to cleanse me.

Where there is light, then I will see my shadow and I will be uplifted in the knowledge that a great light is showing it to me so that I might transcend this place of inner pain and darkness, so that I might live in a higher way, exalted and risen from the shadow of death that followed me.

I am light. I choose to walk in light and therefore at times I will see and feel the shadow of death, the shadow that kills my heart, but I will not fear, for the light that showed me my shadow, is also that which will dissolve it’s darkness and lift me beyond any place that I could possibly imagine.

The Shadow of Death is nothing more than the small things that you have gathered around yourself that are slightly less than wholesome. Slightly distant from Divine. As you learn how to walk a path of light, so your shadow will dissolve away and you will shine as the light that you are.

As the light of this week’s Darshan flows into your heart, it may just dissolve some of your shadow without you even knowing it. That is the blessing of the Divine at work.

With My Deepest Love and Blessings.


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23 04, 2018

Divine Grace and Good Fortune


In every moment, someone loses someone close and thus pain and grief tumble from the heart to fill the aura, then tumble from the aura into earth.

At any one moment, millions of people are in that state of pain and grief, yet for most, they do not feel it as they did not know the person who has passed or those in grief.

A child, a grandmother, a husband or a wife.
Who knows the pain, the searing strife.
Who knows the emptiness,
of passing life?

When that pain and grief touches us, then we know it and can attest to the difficulties of others when it comes upon them, but for the most part, lives pass and we don’t know those people. Their pain does not touch us as it would if it were someone close.

Through the history of humanity, how many lives have been lived and passed away? It must be impossible to calculate, but it is certain that we all travel the same road. We are all going in that same direction as those who passed this way before us. There is nothing we can do about it. We must at some point leave.

It is wise to think about the journey and prepare; to speak to those who are close and ensure that we are all as comfortable as possible with the process. Try to engage in the imagery that all is not lost, but that we are merely moving to another dimension where a different life awaits.

There is no death.
There is only transformation from one state to another.

But when hearts that have been strongly bonded in this life must separate, no amount of understanding can ausage the pain and grief of loss.

I often take a moment to think about the poor people in war torn areas who are losing friends and relatives all the time and they have no control over their circumstances. It is just luck or Divine Grace that allows them to continue living whilst neighbours fall.

My heart, indeed, does feel their pain and loss even though I might not know them, for it is only by that Divine good fortune that some of us know peace in our land, whilst others know only pain, grief and uncertainty.

I bless them with my heart, my light and my love and I dedicate this Sunday’s Darshan to all those in such dire circumstances.

With Love and Blessings,


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16 04, 2018

The Illusion of Time


As we all know time is an illusion, it doesn’t exist. Those who have made many advanced steps on the spiritual path may even have learned how to go beyond time and space and enter Fifth Dimensional Reality. However, we have to come back into this reality to function at any level where other people might actually understand us. LOL.

This illusion of time can be a tricky thing. Firstly, it doesn’t exist and so you can’t have any of it in the first place, but you can actually run out of it, even though you don’t have any!

That has been the situation this week, I’m afraid. Those of you who dwell upside down below the equator will have noticed that you didn’t read a notification for Darshan in time to register because the time illusion ran out before I wrote anything. Not enough time this week to get to where I wanted to get to in terms of production.

Living upside down is another illusion. When looking at the earth from a certain angle in space, people are positioned all around the sphere with their feet on the surface. Yet some of them are upside down and others are horizontal around the equatorial regions, whilst those nearer the top are the right way up. Yet, if you get on a plane and fly from one end of the earth to the other, then you find that people are not upside down, but they most certainly were when viewed from space. Just another of life’s little illusions.

So, my apologies to those of you in Australia and New Zealand who are way ahead of us in time when you mark the passing of the hours on your electric sundials. However, I note with joy that the regulars have joined me anyway, knowing that regardless of me being out of time, Darshan will be delivered at the time that it is expected.

Do you know why that is?

It is because of a trick in the Fifth Dimensional Reality. I merely wind back the none existent clock to deliver Darshan to all those who have registered, even though I haven’t seen their registration.

Do you know how this is possible?

It is because I have an assistant that works in many dimensions, not just this one or, indeed, the Fifth one.

He watches your heart. He knows if you are going to register or not. In fact, he even stumulates your heart occassionally to influence you to register because he can see that you need something special from him. When you register, he has the opportunity to deliver his gift through Darshan, directly into your heart.

He knows that when I am back in the hot seat, I will ensure that all the paperwork for Darshan is done correctly and no heart will be missed. It will be completed in Real Time, that is Real Time of the illusory kind and it will be completed with the Light in my heart.

So time is an illusion and we create the illusion of having some of it. This illusory time is very useful for getting together with others at a certain, prearranged time and occassionally we might be late, looking at our time pieces and declaring, “Where did the time go!”

The time probaby went back into that place where it is stored before becoming an illusion. We keep it in time machines, that we call clocks, watches, phones and whatever. It comes in analog and digital forms and occassionally gives you the same numbers twice to show you that someone is letting you how special the moment is.

It will be 17:17 in a moment, and I’ll be sending you this belated message of love.

Whether you have already received your Darshan 10 hours ago, or are about to prepare for it in the next few hours, you can be certain of one thing. It will never fail to arrive and when it hits your heart it will be nothing but pure love from beyond the realms of time and space.

As I rushed to the computer to send the Darshan message, I didn’t have time to write a little note to you, but my friend who arranges everything when I am late, wrote it through my fingers as soon as I sat down.

There must have been enough time!

Please enjoy your Darshan.

With my deepest Love and Blessings.


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9 04, 2018

The Apprentice


The journey begins when you are born. You become an apprentice human being and your Masters are your parents.

The role of the Master is to pour love into you and teach you the ways of the world.

As you grow, your apprenticeship moves through phases, especially as you develop the desires for what you like to experience. Perhaps that is swimming or sport, drawing, fabrics, model making or a million others things that children love to engage in.

Perhaps all you have is a muddy yard full of filth to play in. No matter, your imagination will offer you great opportunities to be happy merely playing with a couple of stones.

Take a moment for gratitude for the apprenticeship you have, for it may offer you so much more than others to stimulate that divine imagination.

As you continue to grow, your Master may be your school teacher and you may well have other Masters who teach you things too, such as scout masters or girl guiding Masters, or trainers in some chosen activity that you desire to learn, filling your heart with the joy of experience.

But always, you are the apprentice, the one willing to learn.

As you grow, your Master will teach you more practical things, like the skills of some trade that will enable you to gain income and make your way in the world.

My first such Master was Tom, a great artist from Salford who tried to teach me commercial art, but this was unfortunately a mismatch as the apprentice had no such artistic ability whatsoever. However, Tom poured love and patience into me and I loved being with him and watching him execute great paintings. At lunchtimes we would walk the back streets of Salford sketching the buildings and Tom would then deliver a wonderful rendition on hardboard in oils. I have no idea where some of those paintings went, but the love of them is still in my heart.

I had left school at 15 years of age without qualifications. It was 1966 and I just went to work as an apprentice. By 17, I was living more than 200 miles away from Tom and teaching myself how to run a hotel. One day, I was collecting food supplies for the hotel from a ship’s chandler stores and the man in charge was about 23 years old. When we had loaded the car with the supplies he asked me to come up to the office for the invoice.

As I entered the office, I saw him typing the invoice. I had never seen a man type before. I was completely taken to see this amazing skill being displayed, yet I had seen my mother typing all through my childhood and it had never called to me. Later that same day, I apprenticed myself to a new Master. A Pitman’s Typing book.

I began immediately on the hotel typewriter, just typing anything that I could. Was it desire or something deeper that drove me in this direction? It was certainly an overwhelming force that could not be resisted. I had no choice but to gain this ability.

By the age of 24, I had left the hotel business and was back in the city of Manchester, having apprenticed myself to a new Master, Kevin, and also to a sight and sound typing course to improve my accuracy and speed. Kevin was a Journeyman Compositor, a Master in the art and craft of setting type for printing. At the time Kevin served with his Master, it was a six year apprenticeship and I was about to serve a similar term.

As I continued to grow, I started my own typesetting business and some years later Kevin came to work for me and I also had an apprentice of my own, Chris. It was now my time to be a Master. Chris’s abilities blossomed and he went on to teach typesetting at Manchester University and later started his own typesetting company using the traditional skills that his Master had taught him. If you have ever read any of my books, Chris assembled them. I am very proud of his achievements.

But one’s apprenticeship does not end when you become a Master, for there is always a greater Master awaiting those who have the vision to see.

I ran my typesetting business for many years but by the end of the late 1980s, personal computers had reached the desktop publishing phase and most of our clients were investing in young people and the new technology and so traditional typesetting was rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Many companies went out of business during that phase, but in the meantime a new Master was calling me.

I was in my late 30s when strange things began to happen to me. Pressure was building up in my physical body to the point where I thought I might explode on some days. The pressure also had strange effects on my mind, such as making me very distracted or being taken deeply within myself. Suddenly the pressure began to flood out of my hands as heat and I swear I could occasionally see lightening coming from my fingertips, too. This phenomenon was confirmed to me many years later as I sat with a highly intuitive teacher, who casually said to me, “Do you know you have lightening coming out of your finger-tips?” However, at the time I was first experiencing this phenomenon, I considered that perhaps I was seriously disturbed and needed to find some help.

I didn’t realise that I was being apprenticed to a new Master at the time, and that this pressure was his introduction. It took quite some time to understand this. About three years in total. I went through what can only be described as a kind of breakdown. Everything that I was or did was smashed. My business went, home went; marriage went. All was taken until I was empty and ready to begin my new apprenticeship.

It was then that my new Master sent people to explain what was happening to me. Through various convoluted means, people came into my life commenting upon my light or energy. I had no idea what they were talking about. What light? What is energy?

“Are you healing yet,” they would say.

“Healing? What is healing?” I would reply.

“You are here to be a healer. You are having a healing awakening,” they said.
“Not me,” I thought. I don’t want to do any of that kind of work. It isn’t me. I wouldn’t know where to begin. I have no understanding of it. I am a back room boy, a problem solver, a thinker. I am a practical every day sort of a guy.

No, you are going to be a healer, came the reply from somewhere in the ether.

Since the initial lightening phase, it was now 3 years on, and I was a practicing healer. My Master had poured so much light and energy into me, there was only one place it could go, which was into others. But yet, he had still not shown himself to me, but I knew he was there. In fact, I had known he had been there since I was a child and he lets me know that I don’t need to see him because my knowing of him is complete.

From the time of that first pressure building up, my life is now some 28 years further on and my apprenticeship is going very well. I am very happy with it and my Master pours so much love into my heart that I almost burst with it some days. He pours it through my finger-tips too when they are on the keyboard, such as right now.

There are other days, when I am set tasks to learn, challenges to overcome, attachments to dissolve and matters to deal with that require more trust than you can imagine. Trust is not an issue for me though because I have been taught well with gentle guidance. When I used to slip off the path, the hand was so swift to hit me with love on the back of my head that the pain was a good awakener, indeed. My Master taught me the meaning of instant karma.

I think that my apprenticeship to this Master will run for at least another 28 years and I am hopeful that it will continue into the next life and beyond, and of that I have no doubt. When this particular Master calls you to your apprenticeship, you know that there is no letting go, no going back and no choice. When he chooses you to serve under him, you can be certain of the most amazing apprenticeship in life, never ending and ever opening into new and limitless possibilities.

In order for him to call to you though, first you have to seek him, but seek and indeed, you will find.

From travelling with my healing couch from house to house in those early days to being shown how the universe works, I have travelled many miles with my Master guiding me. I bless the day that I signed up for this latest apprenticeship, even though I had no idea that I had signed up. Clearly, it was him who put the fire into my heart when I signed up to the Pitman’s Typing course.

Quietly, he whispered his fire into my heart, “You are going to need to be able to do this.”

With my deepest Love and Blessings.


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31 03, 2018

Pilgrimage in the Light of Truth

Whether we understand it or not, we are all pilgrims, those on a journey. Some of us are actually aware at times that we are making a specific pilgrimage to perhaps a holy place or a place that maybe sacred to us in some way, having some kind of meaning to our heart. I have been on many pilgrimages to the ancient standing stones, where for some years I was given a reward from our Earth Mother for having journeyed with an open heart in order to learn about the nature of sacredness, or even the sacredness of nature, and in fact, both.

As my consciousness was opening and expanding I was guided to visit these ancient places in order to be given a vibration to create a vibrational essence. It would transpire that each essence opened my heart and consciousness a little more. When the time was ripe, I was bidden to take another journey and receive yet another gift in exchange for my efforts.

One day, I was asked to undertake a mission to Delphi for such a reason. Well, I knew that Delphi was over in the direction of Greece, but I was not sure exactly where and so the maps were brought out and plane tickets purchased.

As I was landing at Athens airport at 3.00am, I saw a flash outside of the plane window, which I thought were lights on the wing, however, it proved to be lightening and within minutes one of the greatest storms in recorded history unleashed itself over Greece.

I had arranged a hire car. By the time I stepped into it, my clothes were sodden. The deluge was indescribable and my journey lay 3 hours over the mountains towards the Aegean coast. As I left Athens airport, cars were already strewn across the main roads facing all directions and the windscreen wipers barely coped with the amount of water falling from the sky. I was trying to read the road signs, which of course are in Greek, but I did at least know a few Greek letters of the alphabet.

As I left the lighted streets and gained some altitude, there was no let-up. The rain was so intense I could only drive extremely slowly, almost walking pace, watching the kerb just in front of the car as it was impossible to see further. At one point, I ended up at a dead end in a farm yard as the kerb had left the main road to my right and not being able to see that this was a junction, I had carried on following the kerb. I turned round and followed the opposite kerb back until I found the main road again. In places the road was just a river and in other places, rivers were running across the road, tumbling down the mountains. The rocks and debris that had come down from the mountains were incredible to see and after several hours, I arrived at the house that I had rented.

Journey, Pilgrimage or Mission? I had known before I set off from England that it was going to be a mission. That was the word that was given to me.

That night, roads, railways, building, hillsides, houses and businesses were all washed away. There was nothing left of some of the roads. It was incredible to see the devastation.

Later in the week, I made my way to Delphi to obtain the vibration for an essence from the Temple of Apollo. Of course, you can’t access the temple because it is guarded, but here I was. I took a good look round and considered my best option for receiving the vibrational gift. I stumbled upon a hole in the ground. It was the entrance to a type of hypocaust, a hollow space which leads under the floor of a building, usually for heat or ventilation. Down I went, underground, crawling on my belly as far as I dared, then took out my glass vial and received the vibration.

I reversed back out of the dark and into the sunshine, not knowing what had been given. To this day, I am still unsure, whereas with most essence vibrations, I am given a reading for it almost immediately. However, it is in the repertoire of my essence library and occasionally it calls to various people.

I have often thought since that time that there could have been a nest of vipers or any number of things that you might not wish to get bitten by down there, but I was safe.

Delphi is the place where two worlds meet. It is where the veil is thinnest and it has a long history of being the place where the oracle speaks, or where the Universe speaks through the oracle.

As I went through security at Athens airport, I was the only person putting my belongings through the scanner. As my jacket came out of the other side, my watch, which I had worn every day for more than 30 years had been taken, but there was nobody else there. The plane was being held whilst the police made enquiries and eventually I had to get on the plane or remain in Athens. Then it hit me. The watch was the exchange I had to make for what I had been given and was also a lesson in attachment. Sometimes I wonder what that mission was all about.

When I returned home, some people I knew who lived in Greece contacted me to say that they were fairly convinced that the great storm was because of my visit. I must confess to having the same feelings at the time. Well, perhaps not so much feelings, but a knowing, which doesn’t bear thinking about really.

The Universe said “Go to Delphi”, so I went. I don’t question the universe, I just do as I am bid, and sometimes I think maybe I was just being tested. The journey over the mountain was certainly a test. It was like the Universe just threw everything it could at me, but I made that journey and as dawn broke, I lay my head on a soft pillow and slept.

Yes, we are all on a pilgrimage and the place we are going to is called enlightenment. Some of us are being pushed there, and others can take a little more time. Some will be challenged and others will be uplifted, guided and taken there. It’s all in the nature of what we need to learn along the way and how much karma we need to settle.

As your heart opens and your consciousness expands and you become more at one with Universal Consciousness, you leave a lot of things behind you, such as emotional needs, attachments, watches and even people. You begin to realise that not many are at the same place as yourself on the journey and so you learn to journey alone, doing what you need to do when you need to do it. Many years ago, I had a very clear vision one day about my own journey. I was alone in this world but I wasn’t alone on my journey. There were two of us walking side by side and the other one was Jesus. Just me and him on the journey.

I’m not sure who was leading, but we didn’t half get into a few scrapes together, but I reckon I was the one feeling the pain and he was the one picking me up again each time I stumbled and made a mess of things. Eventually, I think I began to hear the guidance more clearly in times of decision and things worked out better.

Along the way, I learned a lot and was fortunate to be able to help a few others see where they were on the path of their own journey. Pouring a little light into their hearts so that they could feel the guidance of their own inner light.

Occasionally some of that light comes back to me and shows me how I helped them. Very occasionally, it comes back from those souls who see the truth most clearly. Children! If you want to know truth, ask a child, for they are unencumbered by the weighty consciousness of adults.

When you take your garments and put them under your feet, even as little children, and you trample them; then shall you behold the Son of Him who is living.

 Jesus of Nazareth

As you make your journey, your pilgrimage, or embark upon any of the missions that have been presented to you, then you will never be alone, it is just a case of knowing who is with you. A small boy of 5, who was unencumbered by the adornments of age, sent me a message about the Darshan Light this week. At this time of Easter, he wanted to share his light with you all.
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25 03, 2018

Cynicism and Suspicion?

The word Gospel means Good News. Go tell the Gospel, the Good News. What has that got to do with Cynicism and Suspicion?

The expression of these two words are encountered often by people who’s lives may not be the same as those who might be considered, ‘the norm’, or as the lives of ordinary folk.

If you have experienced a different kind of life from ‘the norm’, and as a result experienced a different kind of life-experience, well then, you better be prepared to encounter the projection of Cynicism and Suspicion when you share your story.

This has been happening to me since I was a boy at school. I was fascinated by the Universe, for example, and amazing scientific facts would store themselves in my mind, such was my excitement to discover them, but if I tried to share such knowledge with friends, it was usually met by derision and rejection. You learn to keep your mouth shut in order to avoid the pain of ridicule. However, it continues to happen from time to time and is bound to if your life experience is different from the norm.

After my initial awakening and establishing my healing practice I was in demand on the speaking circuit and I enjoyed it. My work was blossoming and I loved to share my knowledge and experiences and most importantly, these people were thirsty to hear the good news. We were on the same wave-length. Obviously, all not of the norm!

However, as I tried to share certain products or services to the wider world, it came back to me from time to time that people were either cynical about the properties or suspicious of the offer.

I found this hurtful in one way, that people might consider that I was a liar or a conman, and unbelievable in another way, when they only had to try it to find out the truth. Most importantly, I couldn’t believe how people could be so judgemental about something that they may have little knowledge of. I would wonder how humanity would ever progress with such closed, cynical or suspicious approaches to life.

Then again, there was always something innocent and maybe a little naive about myself. Yes, I was conned and robbed many times along the way, because I actually trusted everyone, but that is fine, I learned a few lessons that needed learning. However, I remained open minded to everything. I tried never to judge anything, unless it was from my own experience, then that became my truth. In that way, the Universe was able to bring me many, many opportunities, because it knew that I would take them, review them and progress them in a kind scientific way, usually by trial and error.

Eventually, the Universe shared its secrets with me. It taught me the Laws of how it all worked. Why would it do this? Because it knew that I would share the knowledge with those who were open to receive.

I wonder how many opportunities the Universe brings to those who are closed-minded, cynical or suspicious? Knowing a little about how the Universe works, the answer would be, not many. It wouldn’t waste its time and energy on something that was not going to return a reflection to the Universal whole.

I heard a line on one of our radio soap opera shows recently where a chap wanted to get his land cleansed and wondered about finding someone with shamanic or geomantic abilities to have a look at the problem. He described such people as Hippy, Dippy types. Those of us who have learned how to do amazing things with our consciousness, often through years of study, practical application and inner transformation can still be referred to by derogatory terms by those who are ignorant of the subject.

Those who sit upon the fence of Cynicism and Suspicion most often live life with their heads in a black cloth bag and follow the flock like blind sheep, never having the courage to stand on the edge and find their own truth. Their consciousness is only opened to a fraction of its potential, yet those who have done the work and expanded their inner horizons are the hippy, dippy ones, in their eyes. Well, you have to just laugh, don’t you, otherwise you would become as mad as a blind sheep. LOL.

Is there any hope for humanity? I really mean it, but you have to laugh at the absurdity of blind judgement.

And so, to the point of this little exercise that came to me from the ether today. How do you spread the good news of your product or service without it being the victim of Cynicism and Suspision, especially when the product you are bringing to the world defies all present logic and scientific proof? I expect when science catches up, it will no doubt claim the truth of it from the rooftops and help people to find the way. Alas, we may have some time to wait for that day. In the meantime, those of us who have something to offer, must get on with offering it and those with eyes wide open will have the opportunity to taste the fruits of our labours, and thus expand their experience of reality.

Sharing the Gospel. In other words,  MARKETING!  LOL!

They are one and the same thing but people are terrified of selling their wares, gifts, talents and services for the fear of them being met with Cynicism and Suspicion.

Some time ago, I had a little epiphany one morning. Something totally shifted in my consciousness around this issue of being reticent to market my wares, the wonderful products that I had been guided to create and which unlocked my heart and deeper consciousness to the point where I could bring into this world the Light of the Universe. As I stepped out of bed one morning, I suddenly felt this wonderful sense of joy in being able to share my work with the world. There was no reticence any longer. No angst at fielding any negative feedback. Just joy that I had something to offer the world. Moreover, I was the living proof of its efficacy.

If you see an offer coming from me at any time, you can be sure that I am extremely joyful at being able to share this with you. That my heart is fully engaged with yours through the light in my products of my work; and that I am sharing something that absolutely changed my life for the better and continues to do so.

The light that I offer to your heart, in whatever form, is the same light that took me on an amazing inner journey of Divine expansion and created a life that I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams. I wish only the same for you.

With My Deepest Love and Blessings.

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