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13 08, 2018

Some recent sharing



A couple of weeks ago, I promised you some recent feedback from our special Darshan offer. However, the Universe conspired against that twice as it wouldn’t allow the text to format in Mailchimp, the mailing system that we use. Last week, it even stripped out the total teaching that I wrote for you and so eventually you received a little insight into what the Universe was doing rather than anything else. So much for planetary interference. This week I am going to try for a third time to share with you some recent Darshan Feedback. Here we go.

Hi Dave,
I recently had to go into hospital.  Then I had a holiday.  My landlady went away for 4 weeks, so I had to put Ollie, my cat into a cattery.

When I collected Ollie, he was very distressed. Cried on the way back and at home. Wouldn’t leave me alone, followed me everywhere and needed lots of fussing, which is why I asked for Darshan to help him.

Ollie knew something was happening when Darshan began. Went to bed and slept right through it. The second time, he did the same but woke up, came over to me purring, then promptly went back to where he had been lying and fell asleep again. Slept for 3 hours. He is much calmer and relaxed now, and is at times very attentive. It seems that he relished the experience.

I think that Ollie would miss his weekly Darshan if he doesn’t have it. He knows something is happening and goes to bed. Lovely to see.

Myself, the first time I received Darshan, I smelt roses. Energy was around my solar plexus and crown chakra, I fell asleep and woke up a long time later.  The second time, a lot of energy around my crown chakra and I know that I was being hugged.  There was a beautiful white light around me. Then I fell asleep.  Both times I felt so much calmer and relaxed. As if a weight had lifted from me.

I will definitely ask for Darshan again for myself and Ollie.

Thank you. With Love,


Hi David,

My feed back from the free Darshan.  I completely forgot all about it. I had been a bit under the weather and had an awful lot going on. But on the Sunday evening as I was getting ready to go to sleep, in my mind’s eye I saw you. It was quite amazing. I met you once before and I knew that it is was you. So thanks. It sort of restored my faith in my self.

Very best wishes

I wish you all a wonderful Darshan this coming Sunday and I will share some more feedback next week.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.


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30 07, 2018

The Recent Free Darshan Opportunity


Dear All,

Thank you so much for your feedback recently. Unless I receive anything I really have no idea what’s happening on the other side of my Darshan Transmission. Fortunately, people do from time to time send some feedback that I can share with you, and this is so valuable to both you and I. Below this article is some feedback from Viki. Thank you Viki.

Recently, I offered two Darshans, one was free and the other I asked for you to consider what it was worth to you and use a Donate Button (if you wished to donate) a value that you could place on this Divine Blessing.

Many of you really got the message in this little game and the answer was, “How can you put a value on such a thing as a Divine Blessing.” It was great to read your messages of support and feedback and see who got it. Indeed, you can’t put a monetary value on it at all. It is impossible. But there are many ways to value something and that is what the Universe is alway trying to teach us.

The other side of this ‘value’ coin was a little opportunity to figure out the Universal Laws associated with energy and light. A kind of, ‘As above, so below.’ So, the opportunity to return something to the source of the gift, as it were.

Well, you might ask, what is the source, or who is the source? Well the source of the Blessing is God-consciousness, but how does it manage to transmit into our world? It transmits through the heart of a person who has developed the ability to pass that transmission.

How many people are on the spiritual path and have been for many, many years? The answer is thousands, and all of those people constantly ask themselves how far they have got and they also, to a large degree, doubt that they have got very far. But that is part of the illusion. Even when your heart opens to the point where you experience the full flooding of golden light through your entire being, you still doubt that you have got very far.The reason for this doubt is that God-consciousness only speaks through you when it is necessary or needed. So, for the most part, you are still you until that moment that you are privileged to be able to bring your light from your core and into the world. The rest of the time, you get on with earning your living and paying the bills like everyone else.

I have worked full time in the spiritual development field for almost 30 years, that’s a fair apprenticeship and you never end this apprenticeship when you are working with light, you just continue forever until it is all over for this lifetime. You just keep going and in that process experience some truly amazing things that go far beyond any words to describe them. The Universe shows me my value and it always helps me pay the bills through the hearts of those who have truly felt the love and power in the light that they receive.

The way you receive light as in the Darshan Blessing is through the activation of certain Universal Laws. These are Laws that you can learn intellectually but to really understand them, you become the light in The Laws. It is a process of becoming. As the Light enters your heart, then you slowly become the Light within your heart.

The little game that I set for you to disover the value was for you to really discover the power of these Laws and how they reflect to you what you invest in them.

Some of The Laws are complex but yet simple and the way they work in relationship to each other is the tricky part, but as your heart fills with Light you begin to feel the truth of The Laws and then you truly experience how to manifest God-consciousness in our world of matter.

The fundamental driving force of The Laws is this one:  The Law of Reflection. You hear it all time spoken of in our world, for example, ‘What goes around comes around.’ ‘You get what you give,’ etc. We speak the Universal Laws all the time but perhaps don’t notice that we do so.

When you get the opportunity to value something or someone, you have an opportunity from the Universe to get that value right and then the universe moves on. It might be something as simple as a stranger saying ‘good morning’ to you. What is the value in that? I can tell you that you have no idea for you do not know where that greeting or blessing came from.

When your heart has opened to a certain degree, then you will see where it came from though, and it always comes from the Universe. speaking through that person, helping you to learn how to value interaction in our world. It is just God giving you the opportunity to feel the truth of what lies behind something simple, but may have profound consequences for your success in this life.

Day by day, the Universe will place little blessings or opprortunities right in front of you and as you learn how to truly see and value them, then you will activate the Law of Reflection more and more which brings untold wealth into your life.

Here is a little example of wealth which came to me from someone who valued the recent Darshan.

Dear David,

I think Darshan is truly miraculous. I had lost faith. I had given up. I was in a dark place again. Then came your kind invitation over which I dithered. Perhaps your personal assistant gently prodded my heart to make me take a chance and see what would happen if I took Darshan again. I’m grateful he did. But how can one put a price on Darshan?

I always find it hard to be precise about what happened during Darshan.
What I can say is that I felt enveloped by love and deeply comforted by the Light and I had my faith restored. I find it almost impossible though to describe the depth of the experience.

Talking about miracles: just before the start of Darshan my elderly cat decided to get stuck on the roof. No time for ladders and rescue. So I prayed to the Light to please, please lift him gently off the roof. When I went out after Darshan there he was, safely grounded and I know he couldn’t have managed to come down on his own!

Thank you, David, for making miracles possible!
With grateful thanks,

God will always try to show you that he is there, supporting you, but your part is to learn how to trust that support and enter into the game of life by learning the rules of the game, or the Laws.

For Viki, above, she received many miracles from her Darshan. Who put the cat on the roof, so that she could see that it would again come back down to earth? That was merely the confirmation she was seeking that she was not alone, but obviously being set some challenges in order to learn how to come closer to Universal Consciousness.

Miracle 2. She fought but listened and signed up. People always fight against bringing light into their hearts. It is a natural process of the battle of the spiritual warrior trying to find the strength to carry on as God sends his challenges in order that we might learn.

Miracle 3. Faith Restored.

Miracle 4 and more. Many more to come because you entered into the little challenge that I set you and you played by the rules, you sent me some feedback and therefore you will have triggered The Law of Reflection. Now you are on your way out of a dark place again.

I wish you all a wonderful Darshan this Sunday and a lovely weekend.

With my deepest love and blessings.


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23 07, 2018

Emptying the Oceans

Emptying the Oceans

There is so much to share this week that it will have to wait until next week, LOL!

Just a short note for contemplation.

Those who are switched on and listening to what’s happening in the world tend to have a finger on the pulse, but every now and then something catches your eye or jumps out in some way.

It was a letter in The Times on Wendesday July 18th in response to an article of the previous day entitled Sharks under attack.

39 Million sharks killed so far this year!

Well, that did jump out at me just a little. That’s more than half the population of the UK and we are only just over half way through the year. Currently there are around 73 million sharks killed every year and most of them are just for their fins, according to the statistics from the Marine Conservation Charity Bite-back.

The charity considers that they will be all but extinct in around 30 years at this rate and are calling for a commission, similar to the Whaling Commission to monitor the situation.

I just considered this was worth a thought this week. The oceans are like another world or another planet. Life that dwells there lives in a completely different environment to us. We enter their world and plunder it, murdering the inhabitants, but by what right are their lives ours to take? I just find it bizarre.

It just makes me ask myself,  “What are humans thinking about when they can do this to another species, let alone consider any karmic consequenses? We know from experience that humans do drive oher beings to extinction and so I expect it will be no surprise when sharks are on the endangered species list, and by then I wonder how many other species will have been taken from the world they inhabited before humans arrived here?

As I say, just something to contemplate and perhaps put into perspective. I was shocked by the numbers.

I wish you all a wonderful Darshan this Sunday and a lovely weekend.

With my deepest love and blessings.


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16 07, 2018

Ok, I surrender!

It’s been a full-on week and last night I was too tired to write something for our Saturday Darshan page, so I left it until this morning.

I usually sleep for about 6 hours at night, but last night it was almost 9 hours. After catching up on a few emails I opened up the mailchimp to write you something, but nothing was there. I went out and sat in the sun for a bit of inspiration and went back to sleep.

I was aware that the sun was very hot and so after about 20 minutes I came back in the house and went to sleep again for another half hour. I was well aware of my brain energy being low and a bit flattened from the busy week, but came back to the computer again with the thought that perhaps I would share a chapter from one of my books.

I opened the files of ‘Fairy Stories’ and skimmed through a couple of chapters and was quite taken by the writing, thinking to myself that I should perhaps read some of this book  sometime, as I rarely go back to them once written and published. Anyway, I thought the chapters were too long to include here.

So, I glanced around the desk for some inspiration and then thought that perhaps I would reach up for one of Yogananda’s books for a bit of inspiration and then I thought…

“You know what? I surrender. It’s not meant to be today.”

Normally, I just sit at the keys and something is given to write about, but today, it looks like I need a rest.

I wish you all a wonderful Darshan this Sunday and a lovely weekend.

With my deepest love and blessings.


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9 07, 2018

Understanding Love


I had a knowing as a child that the majority of people didn’t understand what love is. But, neither did I when I was that young person. So, I had this knowing, but I didn’t know the answer and would not understand until many years later.

How do you explain that to people? Well you can’t because understanding love is a process of inner transformation.

Love is nothing to do with how you feel about another person, animal or thing. Those strong feelings that we might have for others are emotional attachments and connections which bring a reflection of good, powerful and passionate feelings. Where can you find the word love in those words? You can’t because it isn’t there.

This is just one small example of how we use words to mean something without really thinking about the words and what their true meaning is.

Coming back to the nature of love, one way that it may be possible to understand it is through the emotion of excitement. Strange you might think, but pure excitement is the energy that is created within us when the Universe is communicating directly with our heart.

If you follow the feelings of excitement and truly feel them deeply, then you will feel a certain guidance behind the feeling and that guidance is the God-consciousness letting you know that you should follow the excitement as that will lead to you being uplifted into the energy of love.

Excitement is not love, but it is a doorway to love. The energy of the universe is love. The stars that puncture the dark blanket of night sprinkle love upon the earth whilst the sun rests. We are never without a firmament of light and light is love, even though sometimes there may be a few clouds in the way.

When two hearts are truly bonded with the light of love, it doesn’t really have anything to do with those emotional feelings, but it has everything to do with understanding the truth of what is binding them together and when two hearts are bound in such a way, not in, but with the light of univeral love, then no man can ever put that assunder. For it is out of man’s hands. It is Unversal Love that binds them and man has absolutely no control over that.

So, when those hearts are bound, what great intellegence is bringing them together, walking with them, guiding them and bringing itself into their lives?

And you may even ask the questions, why is does this happen? How can this happen?

The answer is because their is a massive guiding hand that plays a huge part in our lives and our work is to learn how to open and align with it and align with the mission it has planned for our lives in this world and our salvation in the next.

If we make no effort to align with that higher purpose, life is nothing more than passing time.

With my deepest Love and Blessings for a wonderful Darshan this Sunday.


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2 07, 2018

Take a day off!


I had a couple of days off this week and spent some time with a friend in London. We had planned some time ago to visit a healer we know and then enjoy an afternoon meditation with his group.

It was a great day and I met an old client from almost 20 years ago who was assisting on the day. What a wonderful surprise to see her and see how she is doing. She has unfolded and blossomed into a lovely divine spark bringing her own light into the world.

When the meditation began, I was out cold within seconds. We had a little mantra to say and I barely got it round once before I was gone. Speaking later with my friend, it was the same for him too. We both agreed that it was a very deep process that will unfold for some time to come.

When you are working with light all the time it is easy to surrender to the process of another teacher and let go in the knowledge that you will be carried quickly into some deep and divine experience. So, it’s a little bit like being on a busman’s holiday. Take a day off and go and sit in someone else’s light. It’s a wonderful way to spend some time.

Now Sunday is almost upon us again and I’m ready to transmit my Darshan Blessing to you all. What a priviledge to be able bring light into the heart of another person in the absolute knowledge that it is going to open them at some level. Some profoundly, some subtly, but one thing is for sure, when you step forward the Universal Consciousness is going to take every opportunity to help you. Seek and you shall find. Ask and it is given. That is what Darshan is all about. Asking and then being open to receive.

Last week I was given a poem to write. The words were just given, I typed them and I posted it to you without even thinking about it other than knowing that the words were powerful. As the week unfolded, I began to truly realise that the words were for me rather than anyone else. I knew the source of them. It is the source that originally gave me The Emerald Heart Light to bring into the world in 2005. They are from my guide and saviour. Some of you know that source and others might guess it from the light that shines through me in your presence.

Anyway, it was about change and transformation. Time to let go again and open to receive the next process of evolution, although I’m not totally sure of what I am letting go of yet, although I do have a good feeling about moving into the next phase. The poem says it all really and so I thought I would leave it here below for those who didn’t see it last week. There were some wonderful comments from some of you who really felt the light in the words and therefore, drank from the well of their origin. It is my great pleasure to share them again.

I Saw a Light upon a Hill

I saw a light upon a hill,
I climbed towards it as it called me.
I rose above the milling crowds,
I saw that no-one saw me.

I sat and looked in deep dismay,
Their eyes looked each and every way,
But upward, where I sat and prayed,
And pointed to the light before me.

They cannot see, the light called down.
You cannot show them what you’ve found.
Their eyes are fixed upon the ground,
And will not rise above the sound,
Of voices clamouring aloud,
For something less than you have found.

I stood between the light above,
Upon that hill where I saw love,
And shouted down to those I loved,
Twas all, ALL humanity.

Up here, this way, raise your eyes,
Open from your deep disguise,
Find your heart beneath its eyes,
Of blindness that the ego claps,
In irons, so dastardly and false,
Your truth to hide within the traps,
Of nothing but your other self.

The self that guides your eyes away,
From what I see this day.
The Light upon the hill that calls,
And I must go that way.

I’ll leave a lamp lit by the way,
So you may see it when you pray,
In deepest reverence, one day.
To find that path I walked.
To find that love that talked,
Upon the hill that day.

With my deepest Love and Blessings for a wonderful Darshan this Sunday.


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11 06, 2018

As the Light gently opens your heart


As the Light gently opens your heart,

It reveals to you who you are.

It isn’t a quick process because it is a process.

It is gentle.

It warms you from within.

It enlightens you from within.

Then a little at a time you see your truth,

The reason you chose to come here,

To see the work you came to do.

And as your heart opens, slowly, gently, over time,

Your Light shines out into the world.

Healing all who fall into its rays.


With your light you will help humanity to overcome limitation,

and emerge in triumphant transformation.

That is merely one of the gifts you will receive,

As YOUR LIGHT emerges into our world.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.


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4 06, 2018

On the Edge of Eternity


Whilst helping a colleague recently, it was a great privilege to see the golden thread of life. Whilst working with other colleagues too, it was also a privilege to see their consciousness opening up to reveal the limitations of certain past lives. All of these individuals have worked with me for a number of years. One in particular has worked with me for close on 20 years and the evolutionary process continues to reveal the most wonderful and amazing images as these people pass through ever deeper transformation.

In certain individuals, this inner transformation is the magnificence of the Divine Feminine pouring through them from the source, as she births into this world and in this process a great transformation must unfold in order for the individual to hold that energy. Their whole consciousness must shift from one perception of reality into another. The letting go process of one life in order to emerge into the next expression of life, whilst in a single incarnation is quite unbelievable to experience, the depth is so great.

As transformation takes you, it can be turbulent and magnificent at the same time. The consciousness suddenly begins to experience reality differently and you have no choice but to leave the old you behind and open yourself for what is to come, without having a clue what that new experience will be like.

My colleague experienced such a powerful release of the past that it seemed like it might take him into the next life, but as always, no matter how dramatic the process of inner transformation, there is always a Divine Presence guarding and guiding your transformation. You have no choice other than to let go and go with the process.

My colleague is particularly gifted visually and we seem to be able to perceive into similar frequencies of light and therefore, we both see the same thing when working together, which is a great confirmation of what might be happening.

In this particular instance, as I looked in to his consciousness to help him understand his process, I could see the fine golden thread that provides us with life in this physical reality. When all energy structures and consciousness are put aside, all that is left is this extremely fine golden thread that is the be all and end all of what we are. We literally hang here by a thread. A thread of Golden Light. If that thread breaks, then there is nothing. Life is extinguished and the being ceases to be.

Yet there is something else visible and perceived. It is the eternity that the nature of life returns to. In one second life can cease, but at the same moment, the energy and consciousness of life transforms. Life never ceases, it just recoils back into the source of all consciousness, a great lake of love and wisdom; an ocean of possibility.

My colleague was experiencing a past-life where he saw the Golden Thread break. He experienced the momentary horror of losing life with such intensity that the imagery persisted within his matrix, returning in this life as a part of his healing journey. He saw and experienced his own Golden Thread of Life, as I did in order to help him understand his process. Working together, we unravelled the imagery and pieced together the puzzle. All the while, the nature of eternity was watching the process unfold and at a certain level was allowing waves of comfort to bathe his life.

Transformation is a wonderful thing, it turns caterpillars into butterflies and humans into enlightened beings filled with light.

That is where we all sit, on the edge of eternity, our lives suspended by the finest Golden Thread and if we are lucky enough, we get to witness the truth of it and experience it in a way where mere words cannot possibly suffice, leaving our understanding of reality changed forever.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.


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28 05, 2018

Courage and Forgiveness


Just a little white lie is all it takes to pervert the whole of the consciousness of humanity.

Did you ever think about the impact of your thoughts?

A thought is like the proverbial pebble in a pool, sending out ripples to the edge of eternity. When good thoughts manifest at the centre of your being, they radiate light outwards into the soup of life, which we can call the Collective Consciousness. The Collective Consciousness is indeed very soupy and all people drink unconsciously from the contents of the soup each day. It touches all of us and influences all of us in ways that most of us may not be aware.

If you think about the Collective Consciousness as a kind of mist that surrounds the earth, maybe about 20 feet deep (7 metres) you can see how we spend all of our time in this soupy mist, but of course we can’t see it.

We can’t see it but it touches all of us and our emotional body, to a certain degree processes the soup constantly. A simple explanation of the soup goes like this. If there is a powerful or interesting program on the TV on a particular night that attracts many people, then the following day people will say to you, “Did you see that program last night?” It will probably be the talk of the work place. All thoughts and conversations will be around the subject.

If the program as perhaps a major international sporting event and your country won, then there will be celebration and elation and an uplifting vibe. But if the program was a violent, dark drama with explicit scenes that have touched people deeply, then they will carry those images into the Collective Consciousness the following day in their conversations. What is more potent though is that their feelings in the Emotional Body will be fully engaged in the darkness. The ripples of these pour into the soup and the weight of the soup becomes heavier and the content darker.

Two films come to mind that triggered people’s darker sides many years ago. One was A Clockwork Orange and the other was Easy Rider. Almost immediately after seeing these films a number of people committed serious crimes and even murder as a result of the heightened emotional charge in their system. This same energy was also poured into the soup by thousands of people who had seen those films.

If we looked at all the dramas, documentaries and films on TV today and categorised them on a scale of one to ten based on their dark or light content, you would find that the balance would come out in favour of the darkness. Whatever you take in from the media is going to influence your emotions and the power of emotional energy is then going to pour into the soup.

People often find themselves in difficult situations where they might have made slight errors of judgement on a day to day basis and when caught out, it is more natural for most people to try to eliminate the pain of their embarrassment by not quite telling the truth about the situation. That is when the roller coaster of deceit gathers speed towards the soup. One little white lie might then lead to another and another and another and before you know it, you’ve stitched yourself into a place that you can’t get out of.

The reason people commit this injury to themselves is primarily because humanity struggles with a lack of courage and an inability to easily forgive.

The lack of courage enters the game at the moment the person is cornered. Human consciousness finds it easier to try and talk its way out of a difficult situation rather than find the courage to admit to their error.

Part of this issue is caused by the fact that others find it very difficult to forgive, but rather make an issue out of a small error of judgement.

The emotional content of this game can multiply and magnify to a massive degree very quickly, leading some people to commit heinous acts in the process of trying to avoid being caught out.

We need to remember that none of us are perfect. We all make errors of judgement, but there is little or no tolerance to allow people to make errors of judgement in our society. On the other side of the coin, the offender experiences the crippling fear of being caught out, having to confess and being ridiculed and abused for their error.

If we can find the courage to own up or apologise when an error is made, then the soup will be a lot clearer. If a friend makes a mistake, be quick to let them know that it was a good lesson that they can learn from rather than causing them additional pain, and in that way the ripples that flow out from this tiny rock in space will carry more love than pain into the Universe and will therefore attract more of the good than the difficult.

It all comes down to Courage and Forgiveness. Indeed, it can sometimes take great courage to forgive.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.


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